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HQPR 9730.1
Effective Date: May 24, 2015
Expiration Date: May 24, 2020
Responsible Office: LM
NASA Headquarters Fare Subsidy Program
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CHAPTER 2. Responsibilities

2.1. Headquarters Transportation Officer

2.1.1 The responsibilities of the Transportation Officer are:

a. Provide HQ oversight and implementation of the FSP in accordance with this HQPR.

b. Develop and implement a procedure to ensure responsible financial management including tracking payments for fare subsidies and monitoring total costs. Ensure funds, property, and other program assets are properly accounted for and safeguarded against fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, or misappropriation. Any findings of potential fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement or misappropriation shall be referred to the Office of the Inspector General.

c. Establish processes for the dissemination of fare subsidy and other pertinent program-related information to employees.

d. Refer to the Labor Relations Officer issues that may affect respective labor organizations as appropriate.

e. Process and verify applications for the fare subsidy and ensure all required data elements are supplied by the applicant.

f. Ensure that program participation is extended only to eligible employees (see Definitions).

g. Monitor the list of employees receiving this subsidy to ensure that no employee is simultaneously receiving a second benefit in the form of subsidized parking as an individual or as a member of a carpool and that employees are receiving the appropriate amount.

h. Confirm that the mode of transportation meets the criteria of public mass transportation for participation in HQ's FSP.

i. Refer suspected instances of fraud to the NASA Office of the Inspector General for investigation.

2.2 Employees

2.2.1 Employees participating in the FSP shall:

a. Submit a Fare Subsidy application online at HQ Parking and Fare Subsidy System or complete NASA Headquarters Form NHQ201,

b. Use the fare subsidy exclusively for their own qualified mass transit commuting costs to and from work. Indirect costs such as gas, mileage, parking, or an employee's personal leased vehicle, cannot be included as part of the cost qualifying for the fare subsidy. Overestimating transit benefits is prohibited.

c. If utilizing SmarTrip Benefits, employees must obtain a SmarTrip card from an authorized source (WMATA or an authorized distributor), register the card, and provide the card number to the Transportation Officer or designee located in the Headquarters Facilities and Administrative Services Division, Room 1C40.

d. Notify the Transportation Officer or designee to report a lost or stolen SmarTrip card. Employee must then purchase and register a replacement SmarTrip Card to receive transferred funds.

e. Notify the Transportation Officer or designee when withdrawing from the FSP or when no longer a NASA HQ employee.

f. Notify the Transportation Officer or designee of any changes in application information (e.g., name change, change in mode of transportation, or address).

g. Notify the Transportation Officer or designee of any changes in work schedules such as extended leave from Headquarters of more than 30 days (i.e. worker's compensation, sick leave, maternity leave, or official travel such as TDY or extended TDY).

2.2.2 Employees participating in the program are subject to appropriate administrative action for misuse of the fare subsidy.

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