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Information Systems


Federal Automotive Statistical Tool (FAST)

FAST is a web-based system developed to measure the compliance of Federal agencies with the Department of Energy’s Energy Policy Act (EPAct) of 1992, the Energy Conservation Reauthorization Act of 1998, and Executive Order 13149 - Greening the Government through Federal Fleet and Transportation Efficiency. NASA Centers are required to populate the FAST database annually and submit the data to the NASA Agency Transportation Manager in accordance with the required schedule for review and final submission. NASA personnel or contractor assistants will populate the data through the web interface at Contractors who operate Government-owned vehicles shall be required to assemble and report FAST data annually, no later than October 15 of each calendar year. See NPR 6200.1B paragraph


General Services Administration (GSA) Fleet Drive-Thru

NASA personnel should use the GSA Fleet Drive-Thru web portal that allows GSA customers to report vehicle mileages, generate vehicle inventory reports, and input information and accounting classifications for vehicles to expedite billing. Use to access this portal and login using the assigned password.


Fleet Management Information Systems (FMIS)

FMIS that track vehicle asset records, maintenance history, mileage, and many other fleet management details are important management tools that are used extensively in the commercial fleet sector. Each Center’s CTO should assess the need for such systems and coordinate with the NASA Agency Transportation Manager to determine the best approach for acquiring such systems in order to provide critical functionality and management consistency throughout all NASA Center.


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