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NASA Official Fleet Management Handbook

Fleet Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program


Preventive maintenance shall be the primary focus of the fleet maintenance program. The objective of the PM program is to minimize breakdowns, unscheduled repairs, and undue wear and tear. PM service will comply with the vehicle manufacturer’s normal duty service schedule. Severe duty service schedules should be used only for vehicles that actually experience abnormally severe operating conditions. The CTO shall ensure PM schedules are met for all vehicles. When necessary, the CTO will coordinate with GSA FMC for overdue PM’s on GSA vehicles. For GSA vehicles, users will arrange delivery of vehicles to the various vendors for PM completion when properly notified (41CFR101-39.303).

Environmentally Preferable Lubrication Products

NASA Centers are only responsible for Government-owned vehicles under their management and control. Federal agencies shall not purchase or allow the use of virgin petroleum oils when re-refined oils are reasonably available and meet manufacturers’ specifications. Refer to E.O. 13149, section 403.


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