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NASA Official Fleet Management Handbook

Fleet Maintenance

Disposition of Overage, Unsafe, or Unserviceable Vehicles

Disposition of Unsafe Vehicles

The CTO will take disposition action on vehicles that are considered unsafe for operation and cannot be economically repaired to safe operating condition. Unsafe GSA vehicles should be brought to the attention of the appropriate FMC.

Vehicles Beyond Economical Repair

For the most part, GSA vehicles will not reach the point where they are uneconomical to repair with the exception of accident damaged vehicles. However, for Government-owned vehicles, some repairs may be deemed uneconomical in relation to the vehicle’s age and condition. Such vehicles will be referred to the CTO for a final decision whether to repair or retire the vehicle. Retired vehicles will be processed for disposal within 15 days after determining the vehicle should be removed from service.

Preparing Vehicles for Disposal

See chapter 8 for specifics on preparing assets for disposal action.


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