NASA Official Fleet Management Handbook

Driverís Handbook

Summary of Accident Procedures

The following process will be followed for personnel involved in accidents in Government vehicles:

  1. Stop immediately and provide assistance to the injured.
  2. Never leave the scene of an accident.
  3. Avoid moving seriously injured persons unless essential for their protection.
  4. Warn other motorists of any existing highway hazards and use flares or reflectors during hours of darkness or where visibility is poor.
  5. Notify civil and NASA authorities.
  6. Complete accident report, SF 91 (and SF 94, witness report, if possible); and NF 1627, NASA Mishap Report, if individual is unable to complete, then the next person responsible for equipment operations will complete the report.
  7. Avoid expressing opinions regarding liability.
  8. Provide copy of SF 91, SF 94, and NF 1627 to supervisor, GSA FMC or AMC for GSA vehicles, the CTO, and other parties as deemed necessary.
  9. Comply with state and local laws pertaining to accident reporting and the rules of this handbook.
  10. Arrange to drive or tow vehicle for repair estimate and subsequent repair.
  11. Government-Owned Vehicles. The expeditious completion of accident claims and subsequent investigation is a critical part of risk management.
  12. GSA Vehicles. Users must work closely with GSA to process claims and properly investigate accidents.


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