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NPR 1385.1
Effective Date: January 07, 2000
Expiration Date: January 07, 2017
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Subject: Public Appearances of NASA Astronauts w/Change 3 (Revalidated 01/20/11)

Responsible Office: Office of Communications

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Chapter 1. Public Appearances of NASA Astronauts

1.1 Acceptance Requirements

The following requirements will govern public appearances by NASA astronauts:

1.1.1 During the preflight period, astronauts will not be available for public appearances.

1.1.2 During the entire 12 months of their candidacy, NASA astronaut candidates will not be available for public appearances.

1.1.3 Except for astronauts in the preflight and postflight periods, and astronaut candidates during their candidacy, the frequency of public appearances will generally not exceed two per month. Exceptions may be granted for the Houston, Texas, area and for Space Flight Awareness program activities. The number of events per day will normally be limited to three, except in unusual circumstances and when the astronaut receives prior approval. Except for foreign travel, NASA astronauts will not usually be permitted to remain away from the Johnson Space Center (JSC) for more than two working days or 48 hours per public appearance.

1.1.4 An unrestricted number of public appearances may be scheduled for astronauts during their postflight periods.

1.2 Responsibility

1.2.1 The Deputy Associate Administrator, Public Outreach Division, NASA Headquarters, is responsible for the following: Developing policy for the astronaut appearance program. Ascertaining that necessary funds are available before committing astronauts to nonreimbursable appearances.

1.2.2 The Astronaut Appearances Manager (Astronaut Program), NASA Headquarters, shall be responsible for reviewing and scheduling all astronaut appearances involving the White House, Executive and Legislative Branches of the U.S. Government, or the Diplomatic Corps which encompasses Embassies and Foreign Missions and all foreign countries.

1.2.3 The Astronaut Office (JSC) shall be responsible for the following: Scheduling all other requests for astronaut appearances not specifically identified in above. Processing travel arrangements and reimbursement of all appearances. Compiling a schedule of all astronaut appearances being developed by its coordinators and distributing the schedule to the Deputy Associate Administrator for Public Outreach, Office of Communications, NASA Headquarters, on a weekly basis. Providing a monthly report of completed astronaut appearance to the Public Outreach Division, NASA Headquarters. The report will list events, geographic locations, and audience size for all appearances each month. The Astronaut Office (JSC) will not be required to provide NASA Headquarters with copies of correspondence pertaining to the astronaut appearances unless specifically requested. This correspondence includes letters and itineararies.

1.2.4 The Public Outreach Division, Astronaut Appearance Manager, will provide semiannual and annual reports of astronaut appearances. These reports will list events, geographic locations, audience size, and significant trends in astronaut appearances.


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