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This page provides access to the following Other Policy Documents at NASA.

NASA Interim Directives (NID) are documents that are issued for immediate, short-term use to impose policy or requirements at the Agency or Center level, and may be formatted as memorandums, directives, paragraphs, or other templates. Requirements for content and structure, and issuance of NIDs are provided in NPR 1400.1.

NASA Charters (NC) establish councils, boards, committees, panels, and working groups mandated by statute, the NASA Administrator, or an OIC of a Headquarters Office. Charters for NASA's governing councils are maintained in NPD 1000.3. All other Agency-level charters required by regulation, statute, program control, policy, or directed by the Administrator are listed on this page. Requirements for content and structure, and issuance of NCs are provided in NPR 1400.1.

Manuals typically identify process requirements for employees within a single work unit or functional area. NASA Advisory Implementing Instructions (NAII) are used to provide direction relating to the implementation of responsibilities under NPDs or NPRs. NASA Policy Instructions (NPI) are instructions that describe how to perform a definite course or method of action that guide and determine present and future decisions. NASA Policy Statements (NPS) are statements that reiterate the Agency's commitment to its defined course or method of action for adhering to external requirements. These documents do not have requirements for content and structure, and issuance, but the existing formats published on this page may be used.

Instructions: Use the arrows above the column headings OPRs, POCs and IDs to sort the different document types.

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Subject  Effective Date         OPR        POC ID  
NASA INTERIM DIRECTIVE: Emergency Leave Transfer Program  Jul 31, 2019    LA000 Page Daggett NID 3600.116
NASA INTERIM DIRECTIVE: Enterprise Protection Program  Sep 11, 2018    AA Ray Taylor NID 2830.117
NASA ADVISORY IMPLEMENTING INSTRUCTIONS: NASA Export Control Program Operations Manual  Jun 26, 2018    TA Ken Hodgdon NAII 2190.1F
Mission Support Program Management Council  May 15, 2018    LA Leah Hollander NC 1000.42
NASA STEM Engagement Council Charter  Mar 28, 2018    HA Kris Brown NC 1000.44
NASA CHARTER: Enterprise Protection Program Board  Feb 20, 2018    AA000 Raynor L. Taylor NC 1000.40
NASA CHARTER: NASA Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Partnership Charter  Jan 03, 2018    YA000 David Chambers NC 1000.34
NASA CHARTER: AEROSPACE MEDICINE BOARD  Oct 24, 2017    QA000 Gwyn E. Smith NC 1000.39
NASA INTERIM DIRECTIVE: Real Estate Management Program Adding Decommission of Facilities  Oct 04, 2017    LD062 Garland C. Gary NID 8800.115
NASA INTERIM DIRECTIVE: National Historic Preservation Act Leases  Oct 01, 2017    IA Kevin Buford NID 8800.114
NASA ADVISORY IMPLEMENTING INSTRUCTIONS: NASA Partnerships Guide  Sep 27, 2017    LA Joe Kroener NAII 1050.3A
NASA INTERIM DIRECTIVE: NASA Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) Compliance Program - EXTENDED PER NRW 1400.80  Jul 20, 2017    JA Fran Teel NID 1417.102
NASA INTERIM DIRECTIVE: Software License Management  Jul 13, 2017    JA000 Darryl Smith NID 7150.113
NASA ADVISORY IMPLEMENTING INSTRUCTIONS: Conference Approval and Reporting Instruction  Jun 09, 2017    IA Kevin Buford NAII 9770.1
NASA Interim Directive: Planetary Protection Provisions for Robotic Extraterrestrial Missions Responsible Office: SMD  Mar 30, 2017    GA000 Albert Farrar NID 8020.109A
NASA INTERIM DIRECTIVE: Updated Requirements for Acquisition Strategy Implementation Described in NPD 1000.5, NASA Policy for Acquisition  Feb 24, 2017    AA Lisa Guerra NID 1000.110
NASA ADVISORY IMPLEMENTING INSTRUCTIONS: Pre-Acquisition Strategy Meeting (Pre-ASM) Guide  Feb 21, 2017    AA Lisa Guerra NAII 1000.1
NASA ADVISORY IMPLEMENTING INSTRUCTIONS: Acquisition Strategy Meeting (ASM) Guide  Feb 21, 2017    AA Lisa Guerra NAII 1000.2
NASA CHARTER: Communications Coordinating Council Charter  Feb 04, 2017    NA000 Kris Brown NC 1000.31A
NASA CHARTER: Engineering Management Board  Feb 02, 2017    KA000 Ralph Roe NC 1000.6A
GUIDANCE: NASA Records Retention Schedule (NRRS 1441.1A)  Jan 19, 2017    JA Patti Stockman GUI 1441.1A
NASA POLICY INSTRUCTIONS: Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures Implementation Guide, 2nd Edition  Dec 04, 2016    YA000 David R. Chambers NPI 3713.88D
NASA CHARTER: Flight Planning Board (FPB)  Nov 09, 2016    CF000 Jeanie Hall NC 1000.15B
NASA POLICY STATEMENT: Safeguarding Sensitive But Unclassified Information  Oct 02, 2016    JA Bryan McCall NPS 1600.99
NASA POLICY INSTRUCTIONS: Communication and Interactions with Members of Congress and Staff  Jun 23, 2016    VA Mike French NPI 1450.91
NASA CHARTER: Senior Assessment Team  May 25, 2016    IA000 Purnell E. Johnson NC 1000.8E
NASA INTERIM DIRECTIVE: Use of NASA Information and Information Systems while Outside of the U.S. and Territories  May 16, 2016    JA000 Rob Binkley NID 2810.107A
NASA ADVISORY IMPLEMENTING INSTRUCTIONS: Foreign National Access Management (FNAM) Operations Manual  May 01, 2016    LP2 Jolene Meidinger NAII 1600.4A
NASA ADVISORY IMPLEMENTING INSTRUCTIONS: Travel Card Issue  Mar 23, 2016    IA Kevin Buford NAII 9700.1
NASA CHARTER: NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) Governance Structure Charter  Mar 03, 2016    LC000 Patton C. Tidmore NC 1000.37
NASA INTERIM DIRECTIVE: Medical Certification of Commercial Personnel Crewing Space Activities Involving NASA Personnel  Feb 18, 2016    QA000 David R. Liskowsky NID 8900.106
NASA POLICY STATEMENT: Equal Employment Opportunity  Feb 16, 2016    YA000 David Chambers NPS 3713.97
NASA POLICY STATEMENT: Anti-Harassment  Feb 16, 2016    YA000 David Chambers NPS 3713.98
NASA INTERIM DIRECTIVE: Acquisition of Administrative Office Space  Feb 03, 2016    LD000 Fatima Johnson NID 8000.104
NASA CHARTER: NASA Management Systems Working Group  Dec 22, 2015    IA Purnell Johnson NC 1000.35
NASA POLICY INSTRUCTIONS: Internal NASA Competition Practices  Nov 17, 2015    AI000 Robert M. Lightfoot NPI 1000.90
NASA INTERIM DIRECTIVE: Floodplain and Wetlands Management  Mar 26, 2015    LD Ken Kumor NID 8500.100
NASA CHARTER: NASA Inter-Center Aircraft Operations Panel Charter  Jan 26, 2015    LD010 Norman S. Schweizer NC 1000.28A
NASA INTERIM DIRECTIVE: Instructional Guidance on NASA Interfaces to the National Science and Technology Council  Dec 18, 2014    AH000 Tom Cremins NID 3000.1
NASA ADVISORY IMPLEMENTING INSTRUCTIONS: Space Act Agreements Guide  Aug 11, 2014    MA Margaret Roberts NAII 1050.1C
NASA ADVISORY IMPLEMENTING INSTRUCTIONS: Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) Program Information Package  Jun 24, 2014    MA Margaret Roberts NAII 1050.2
NASA POLICY INSTRUCTIONS: On Planetary Protection Requirements for Human Extraterrestrial Missions  May 28, 2014    CA Bette Siegel NPI 8020.7
NASA INTERIM DIRECTIVE: NPR 7150.2A, NASA Software Engineering Requirements  Dec 18, 2013    GB000 Lynne Loewy NID 7150.1
NASA POLICY INSTRUCTIONS: Rules of Engagement for Unfunded Mandates - Approved Process  Aug 02, 2013    LA Maria Bayon NPI 1400.89
NASA CHARTER: NASA Employees Benefit Association (NEBA) Board of Directors  Mar 27, 2012    LE050 Scott Howell NC 1000.5A
NASA CHARTER: Education Coordinating Council Governance Charter (ECC) Charter  Jan 17, 2012    ED000 Tony Springer NC 1000.30
NASA INTERIM DIRECTIVE: NASA Information Technology and Institutional Infrastructure Program and Project Management Requirements - REMAINS EFFECTIVE PER NRW 7120.53  Dec 22, 2011    KA000 Sandra Smalley NID 7120.99
NASA POLICY INSTRUCTIONS: NASA Language Access Plan 2011  Sep 29, 2011    LF000 David Chambers NPI 2081.79
NASA POLICY INSTRUCTIONS: NASA Contingent Worker Desk Guide  Sep 28, 2011    YA010 David Chambers NPI 3713.11B
NASA POLICY STATEMENT: Diversity and Inclusion  Jun 08, 2010    YA010 David R. Chambers NPS 3713.94
NASA POLICY INSTRUCTIONS: NASA Policy Guidance on the Prohibition Against National Origin Discrimination as It Affects Persons With Limited English Proficiency  Apr 28, 2009    LF010 David Chambers NPI 2081.78
NASA POLICY INSTRUCTIONS: NASA Conflict Management Program Overview and Implementing Guidance  Apr 26, 2009    LF010 David Chambers NPI 3713.77
NASA POLICY INSTRUCTIONS: Recently Enacted Civil Rights Laws and New EEO Regulations  Apr 02, 2009    LE000 David Chambers NPI 3713.76
NASA POLICY INSTRUCTIONS: Guidance on Providing Language Assistance Services in NASA Conducted Programs and Activities  Nov 07, 2007    LF000 Miguel Torres NPI 2081.57
NASA CHARTER: NASA Software Steering Board  Nov 06, 2007    KA000 John Kelly NC 1000.13
NASA Interim Directive: Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) Controlled Information  Oct 16, 2007    JA000 Bryan McCall NID 1600.55
NASA CHARTER: NASA Performance Review Board  Jul 19, 2007    LE050 Agela McDaniel NC 1000.9
NASA CHARTER: NASA Senior Executive Committee  Jul 19, 2007    LE050 Angela McDaniel NC 1000.10
NASA CHARTER: NASA Incentive Awards Board  Jul 19, 2007    LE050 Gail Eastman NC 1000.11
NASA CHARTER: Executive Resources Board  Jun 22, 2007    LE050 Joanne Mueller NC 1000.7
NASA POLICY STATEMENT: NASA Principles and Policies on Scientific Openness  Mar 30, 2006    AA000 Michael D. Griffin NPS 1382.42
NASA POLICY STATEMENT: Official Support and Endorsement of Quality Fundraisers  Dec 20, 2004    MA000 Ethics Practice Team NPS 1900.18
NASA POLICY STATEMENT: NASA ADR Policy (08/30/2004) and Management Participation in NASA's ADR Program in the Equal Opportunity (EO) Complaint  Dec 14, 2004    LF000 David Chambers NPS 3713.11A

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