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This page provides access to the following Other Policy Documents (OPD): NASA Advisory Implementing Instructions (NAII), NASA Charters (NC), NASA Guides (GUI), NASA Interim Directives (NID), NASA Manuals (MAN), NASA Policy Instructions (NPI), and NASA Policy Statements (NPS). These documents are defined in NPR 1400.1, NASA Directives and Charters Procedural Requirements.

This page also provides access to the following OPD repositories, managed by the respective Responsible Office: Technical Standards, Office of the Chief Engineer, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), and the Office of Strategic Infrastructure (OSI). The OCIO and OSI repositories are restricted to NASA internal users.

Instructions: Select the links below to view the list of a specific OPD type. The arrows above the column headings in the list below can also be used to sort by effective date, office of primary responsibility (OPR), point of contact (POC), or identification (ID) number. For the OPD repositories, select the links to the left.

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Subject  Effective Date         OPR        POC ID  
NASA Inventions and Contributions Board  Mar 05, 2024    AJ AC Charania NC 1000.57
Supply Chain Resiliency Board (SCRB)  Nov 02, 2023    GA Johnathon Root NC 1000.56
Engineering Management Board  Sep 27, 2023    KA Teresa Kline NC 1000.6B
Communications Coordinating Board Charter  Aug 10, 2023    NA Marc Etkind NC 1000.31B
NASA Charter: Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Governance Board Charter (JGB)  Mar 14, 2023    RA Andrea Razzaghi NC 1000.53
Aerosciences Test Advisory Board  Jan 27, 2023    LD Lynne Sahay NC 8600.55
NASA CHARTER: NASA Program/Project Management Board Charter  Jan 23, 2023    KG000 Ellen Stigberg NC 1000.46A
NASA Charter: Space Environment Sustainability Advisory Board  Sep 22, 2022    AH Dennis Boccippio NC 1000.54
NASA Charter: Federated Board Charter  Mar 28, 2022    AH Dennis Boccippio NC 1000.52
NASA Charter: Strategic Infrastructure Board (SIB) Charter  Apr 22, 2021    LD Chris Williams NC 1000.51
NASA CHARTER: Arc Jet Modernization Program Stakeholder Board Charter  Mar 17, 2020    LD Micheal D. Mastaler NC 1000.50
NASA CHARTER: NASA Small Spacecraft Coordination Group  Oct 19, 2019    DA Florence Tan NC 1000.49
NASA CHARTER: NASA Inter-Center Aircraft Operations Panel Charter  Aug 13, 2019    LD Jamal Abbed NC 1000.28B
NASA CHARTER: Aircraft Advisory Committee (AAC)  Aug 13, 2019    LD Jamal Abbed NC 1000.47
NASA CHARTER: NASA Employees Benefit Association (NEBA) Board of Directors  Mar 11, 2019    LE Gerald Traster NC 1000.5B
NASA CHARTER: Mission Support Program Management Council  May 15, 2018    LA Leah Hollander NC 1000.42
NASA CHARTER: NASA STEM Engagement Council Charter  Mar 28, 2018    HA Kris Brown NC 1000.44
NASA CHARTER: Enterprise Protection Program Board  Feb 20, 2018    AA Raynor L. Taylor NC 1000.40
NASA CHARTER: Flight Planning Board (FPB)  Nov 09, 2016    CA Jeanie Hall NC 1000.15B
NASA CHARTER: Senior Assessment Team  May 25, 2016    IA Purnell E. Johnson NC 1000.8E
NASA CHARTER: NASA Management Systems Working Group  Dec 22, 2015    IA Purnell Johnson NC 1000.35
NASA CHARTER: NASA Performance Review Board  Jul 19, 2007    LE Shannon Meehan NC 1000.9
NASA CHARTER: Executive Resources Board  Jun 22, 2007    LE Shannon Meehan NC 1000.7

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