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This page provides access to the following Other Policy Documents (OPD): NASA Advisory Implementing Instructions (NAII), NASA Charters (NC), NASA Guides (GUI), NASA Interim Directives (NID), NASA Manuals (MAN), NASA Policy Instructions (NPI), and NASA Policy Statements (NPS). These documents are defined in NPR 1400.1, NASA Directives and Charters Procedural Requirements.

This page also provides access to the following OPD repositories, managed by the respective Responsible Office: Technical Standards, Office of the Chief Engineer, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), and the Office of Strategic Infrastructure (OSI). The OCIO and OSI repositories are restricted to NASA internal users.

Instructions: Select the links below to view the list of a specific OPD type. The arrows above the column headings in the list below can also be used to sort by effective date, office of primary responsibility (OPR), point of contact (POC), or identification (ID) number. For the OPD repositories, select the links to the left.

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Subject  Effective Date         OPR        POC ID  
NASA Cybersecurity and Privacy Rules of Behavior  Apr 18, 2024    JA Ellen Walsh NAII 2540.1
NASA Advisory Implementing Instruction: NASA Governance Charter Writing Manual  Apr 02, 2024    AH Dennis Boccippio NAII 1400.1
NASA Guidelines for Promoting Scientific and Research Integrity  Mar 28, 2024    OCS Dave Draper NAII 1920.1
NASA Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) Compliance Program  Nov 20, 2023    JA Ellen Walsh NAII 2800.1
NASA Advisory Implementing Instructions: Decision Framing Meeting (DFM) and Pre-Acquisition Strategy Meeting (Pre-ASM) Guide  Apr 07, 2023    AH Dennis Boccippio NAII 1000.1
NASA Advisory Implementing Instructions: Acquisition Strategy Meeting (ASM) Guide  Apr 07, 2023    AH Dennis Boccippio NAII 1000.2
Performance Management Perf Policy  Jul 12, 2022    JA Ellen Walsh NAII 2810.3
NASA Advisory Implementing Instructions: NASA Export Controls Operations Manual  Sep 30, 2021    TA Kenneth Hodgdon NAII 2190.1H
NASA Advisory Implementing Instructions: Appendix D, Email Services  Nov 04, 2020    JA Ellen Walsh NAII 2810.2
Networks in NASA Internet Protocol (IP) Space or NASA Physical Space  Jun 12, 2020    JA Ellen Walsh NAII 2810.1
NASA Advisory Implementing Instructions: NASA Partnerships Guide  Sep 26, 2019    LA Joe Kroener NAII 1050.3B
NASA ADVISORY IMPLEMENTING INSTRUCTIONS: Conference Approval and Reporting Instruction  Jun 09, 2017    IA Kevin Buford NAII 9770.1
NASA ADVISORY IMPLEMENTING INSTRUCTIONS: Foreign National Access Management (FNAM) Operations Manual  May 01, 2016    LP2 Jolene Meidinger NAII 1600.4A
NASA ADVISORY IMPLEMENTING INSTRUCTIONS: Travel Card Issue  Mar 23, 2016    IA Kevin Buford NAII 9700.1
NASA Advisory Implementing Instructions: Space Act Agreements Guide  Feb 25, 2013    MA Steve Mirmina NAII 1050.1E

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