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NPR 3600.2
Effective Date: January 06, 2010
Expiration Date: January 06, 2015
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Subject: NASA Telework Program

Responsible Office: Office of Human Capital Management

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Chapter 3. Worksite and Equipment

3.1 Generally, telework will be performed at an alternative worksite such as the employee's home or other location which is conducive to performing assigned duties. Telework may be performed at a Telework Center if approved, based on available funding, and when determined to be mutually beneficial to both the Agency and the employee. The alternative worksite of an employee will not change the duty station unless:

a. The alternative worksite is outside the locality pay of the duty station.

b. The employee is not required to report at least twice within a biweekly pay period to his/her official worksite. In such cases, the employee's alternative worksite shall then be the employee's duty station for purposes of pay, leave, and other benefits.

c. Any exception to the above must be approved by the supervisor, appropriately documented, and be temporary in nature such as one of the following:

(1) The employee is recovering from an injury or medical condition.

(2) The employee is affected by an emergency situation which temporarily prevents the employee from commuting to the regular official worksite.

3.2 While teleworking, an employee is strongly encouraged to only use a NASA-provided computer to ensure the safeguarding of NASA's information and systems with the most recent encryption technology, antivirus protection, firewalls, etc. The use of personally-owned removable media devices (e.g., Universal Serial Bus "thumb" drives, read/write compact disks, external hard drives) is prohibited for use in Government-owned systems as is the use of Government-provided removable media devices in personal or other than Government-owned systems.

3.3 To the extent permitted by Federal law and regulations and NASA policy and procedures, IT and/or communications equipment, software, etc., may be provided by NASA to a teleworker. The equipment must be necessary for the performance of the employee's assigned duties, reasonably available, cost effective, and subject to the availability of funding.

3.4 NASA Headquarters and each Center may provide telephone credit cards or reimburse an employee for business-related local and/or long distance phone calls charged to his/her personal telephone. If such is the case, an employee shall be required to certify that all usage of such services is for official Government business.

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