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NPR 7120.8
Effective Date: February 05, 2008
Expiration Date: February 05, 2018
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Subject: NASA Research and Technology Program and Project Management Requirements (w/change 3 dated 04/18/13)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Engineer

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Appendix D. R&T program Commitment Agreement (PCA) Template

D.1 R&T PCA Title Page

Figure D-1 R&T program Commitment Agreement Title Page

D.2 R&T PCA Template


1.0 R&T Program Objectives

Identify the broad program objectives. Describe the programs relationship's to the Agency's vision and mission, as defined by NPD 1001.0, NASA Strategic Plan. Convey the public good of the program to the taxpayer, stated in a way that can be understood by the average citizen.

2.0 R&T Program Overview

Describe the strategy to achieve the above-mentioned objectives. Relationships with external organizations, other Government agencies, or international partners should be addressed if achievement of the program objectives is dependent on their performance. Identify the associated projects governed by the program.

3.0 R&T Program Authority

Describe the NASA organizational structure for managing the program and projects from the MDAA or MSOD to the project leads. Include any NASA Center involvement. Include lines of authority and reporting, Center(s) responsibilities, the governing PMC for the oversight of the program and its projects, and the approving official for new projects. Identify the management process (NPR 7120.8, etc.) this program and any initial program elements will adhere to. Identify the program lead in charge of the program. Identify whether R&T Projects will be managed as Technology Development Projects or as R&T portfolio projects.

4.0 Technical Performance Commitment

Summarize the performance metrics with goals and minimum thresholds needed to achieve the program objectives. If the objectives include a technical performance target (goal) in addition to a threshold requirement, the commitment could be stated as a range.

5.0 Schedule Commitment

Identify the key target schedule milestones for the program and for each project in the program. Identify key target milestones such as:

a. Start of Formulation.

b. Target date or time frame for the Program's Formulation Review.

c. Start of Implementation.

d. Start of operations.

e. End of prime operations and/or disposal requirements, if applicable.

f. Other milestones or time periods, as appropriate for a specific program/project.

6.0 Cost Commitment

Provide the estimated cost range for the program for the five-year period beginning in the current fiscal year at a level of detail that identifies the approved individual projects. Identify the constraints and assumptions used to develop this estimated cost range and specifically identify those assumptions that drive the range. This cost range should contain all costs necessary to perform the program, including, but not limited to, standard project activities, required technology developments, facilities costs, infrastructure costs, operations and sustainment, data analysis, and disposal. Reference the annual budget contained in the Integrated Budget and Performance Document (IBPD) for cost phasing. The cost range should be updated when program content changes, such as the addition of new projects entering implementation.

7.0 Acquisition Strategy

Provide a brief statement of the proposed acquisition strategy for major program elements.

8.0 High-Risk Areas

Identify the areas of highest risk for the program (covering safety, technical, institutional, cost, or schedule issues) in which failure may result in changes to the program/project baseline cost, schedule, or technical performance requirements. This section should identify, where possible, the specific risk drivers, such as high-risk technologies upon which the program is dependent.

9.0 Internal Agreements

If the program is dependent on other NASA activities outside of the MDAA or MSD's control to meet program objectives, identify the required support and list any formal agreements required.

10.0 External Agreements

Explain the involvement of external organizations, other Government agencies, or international support necessary to meet the program objectives. Include a brief overview of the program/project relationships with such external organizations. Include an identification of the commitments being made by the external organizations, other Government agencies, or international partners and a listing of the specific agreements to be concluded. Any unique considerations affecting implementation of required NASA policies and processes necessitated by the external involvement should be clearly identified.

11.0 Independent Assessments and Optional KDPS

Specify the type of independent assessments that will be performed during the life cycle of the program.

Define any optional KDPs (KDP II, III, IV, etc.) required by the DA during Implementation or determine that these optional KDPs are not needed. This should include determination of gate products required prior to the optional KDPs.

12.0 Outcomes

Identify the discrete set of expected deliverables (outcomes) that flow from the Agency's goals and objectives, as defined in the Agency's strategic roadmaps, architecture, and plan.

13.0 Waivers

Identify known waivers that will be sought for the program. Provide rationale consistent with program characteristics such as scope, complexity, visibility, cost, safety, and acceptable risk.

14.0 R&T PCA Activities Log

Provide and maintain a log of all R&T PCA activities, including revisions that reflect all changes and waivers to the original R&T PCA. This log includes the information shown in Figure B-2 and may be supplemented with an attached addendum for each change, describing the change. The R&T PCA should be updated to add approved projects or whenever substantial change makes it necessary.

Cancellation MDAA Associate
dd/mm/yy Revalidation None
dd/mm/yy Revalidation None
dd/mm/yy Approval of
new Project
Ref. #1

Figure D-2 Sample R&T program Commitment Agreement Activities Log

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