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NPR 7500.1
Effective Date: December 20, 2001
Expiration Date: January 20, 2014
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(NASA Only)

Subject: NASA Technology Commercialization Process w/ Change 1 (4/9/04)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Technologist

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Appendix D. Sample Commercialization Deliverables for Contracts/Grants/Agreements


(Sample Technology Commercialization Plan Requirement)

1. Title: Technology Commercialization Plan

2. Use: To describe the Contractor's plan for implementation of NASA's technology commercialization policies

3. Date:

4. Organization:

5. Frequency: The initial report submittal shall be 30 days after the contract start and updated on a yearly basis or as needed.

6. Distribution: Original to Contracting Officer; Copies to COTR and Commercial Technology Office.

7. Preparation Information: The Contractor shall establish a written, detailed Technology Commercialization Plan setting forth the manner in which the contractor will meet the new technology reporting requirements of the Patent Rights clause (FAR 52.227-11 as modified by NFS 1852.227-11) or New Technology clause (NFS 1852.227-70), as applicable. The plan will also identify how the contractor will implement NASA's technology commercialization policy set forth in NPD 7500.2, NASA Commercial Technology Policy. The plan shall address, at a minimum, the following:

(1) Identification of specific areas of technical effort that are considered likely to generate new technology.

(2) Description of the means by which project supervisory and technical personnel will be advised of the responsibilities, details, and benefits of new technology reporting.

(3) Description of the procedures to be established, maintained, and followed for reviewing the effort to be undertaken for the purposes of identification and reporting (disclosure) of subject inventions or reportable items within the time periods and in the manner prescribed by the Patent Rights or New Technology clause.

(4) Description of the procedure for timely submission of the interim and final reports required by the Patent Rights or New Technology clause.

(5) Description of the procedures for providing prompt notification of either the award of subcontracts having as a purpose the conduct of experimental, developmental, research, design, or engineering work or of a prospective subcontractor's refusal to accept the flow down of the Patent Rights or New Technology clauses into the subcontract as required by the Patent Rights or New Technology and Data Rights clauses in the prime contract.

(6) Identification of the individual(s) assigned substantial and specific responsibilities for ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Patent Rights or New Technology clause, as well as their qualifications and organizational placement to discharge these responsibilities.

(7) Establishment of a technology commercialization point of contact for coordinating all technology commercialization activities.

(8) The Contractor's commitment to the development of cutting-edge dual use technologies having both application within and outside of the aerospace community.

(9) Programs aimed at educating and motivating employees to report new technology.

(10) Programs that assist subcontractors in establishing technology transfer policies and implementing technology commercialization plans.

(11) Programs that support NASA's outreach and industry assistance efforts pertaining to technology commercialization.

(12) Programs aimed at conducting collaborative efforts or establishing commercial partnerships with third parties for the purpose of effectively commercializing technology. (Funding for such collaborative efforts will not necessarily include government funds and may consist totally of private funds. These collaborative efforts shall be reviewed and, where government funds are to be used, approved in writing by the Contracting Officer. Ownership of rights to the technology developed under these collaborative efforts shall be addressed in the individual agreements that are negotiated as part of the technology commercialization process.)

(13) Programs aimed at conducting application engineering work for the purpose of adapting the developed technology to a specific commercial use.

(14) Programs that demonstrate strong management commitment to technology commercialization.

8. Intellectual Property Rights: To maximize the benefits received from the program, it will be necessary to identify and protect the intellectual property rights associated with the technology developed under this contract (i.e., patents and copyrights).

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