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NPR 1600.1A
Effective Date: August 12, 2013
Expiration Date: December 12, 2022
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Subject: NASA Security Program Procedural Requirements

Responsible Office: Office of Protective Services

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Chapter 5. NASA Protective Services Office Special Agent and Security Specialist Badges and Credentials (B&C)

5.1 Badge and Credential Use

5.1.1 NASA Credentials will be issued only to those civil service protective services employees who are required to present proof of their authority in the performance of their official duties.

5.1.2 Credentials identifying NASA Special Agents will be issued to those that require FAA or perform counterintelligence/counterterrorism duties. NASA Special Agents must maintain their qualifications within the NASA training programs.

5.1.3 At the request of the CCPS/CCS, credentials identifying Security Specialists may be issued to those whose official duties do not require FAA, but do conduct routine investigative work and/or frequent liaison with Federal, state, or local law enforcement authorities.

5.2 Badge and Credential Issuance

5.2.1The AA, OPS shall create, authenticate, and issue credentials and procure metallic badges at the request of the CCPS/CCS.

5.2.2 Credentials are sequentially numbered and are accountable security items. Their issue, use, and accountability shall be monitored by the AA, OPS and the CCPS/CCS.

5.2.3 The CCPS/CCS shall ensure that Special Agent credentials or Security Specialist credentials no longer required for official duties will be returned to the AA, OPS.

5.3 Badge and Credential Return

5.3.1 The CCPS/CCS shall ensure that credentials are not misused and will withdraw them immediately upon any report of misuse, pending investigation of the allegation.

5.3.2 A report outlining the circumstances of any withdrawal of credentials shall be forwarded to the AA, OPS within 72 hours of the credentials being withdrawn.

5.3.3 A report on the final disposition of the incident, including the results of a Return To Duty assessment and recommendation, shall also be furnished to the AA, OPS for review and final determination.

5.3.4 Lost or stolen credentials must be reported immediately. The CCPS/CCS shall forward a report outlining all pertinent facts to the AA, OPS no later than two days after the loss.

5.3.5 Special Agents and Security Specialists must surrender credentials when requested by the issuing authority or when relieved of security duties by transfer, termination, or retirement.

5.4 Retired Law Enforcement Credentials

5.4.1 In accordance with the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvements Act of 2010, as amended, the AA, OPS may issue retired law enforcement credentials to NASA Special Agents that had arrest authority status at the time of separation from performance of Special Agent duties.

5.4.2 Upon cessation of Special Agent duties, requests by separating personnel to be issued retirement credentials shall be addressed as follows:

a. The CCPS/CCS shall forward the request for retired credentials from the individual concerned with concurrence/non-concurrence to the AA, OPS for approval and issuance.

b. The employee must have separated from NASA with a satisfactory performance record after completing at least ten years of security services at NASA.

5.4.3 Retirement and presentation of the NASA metal Special Agent Badge may be considered by the CCPS/CCS with concurrence of the AA, OPS based on the following prerequisites:

a. The CCPS/CCS shall submit a written request to the OPS containing the Special Agent's name and length of service with NASA.

b. The Special Agent must be retiring from NASA and leaving the Agency with a satisfactory performance record after completing at least ten years of Special Agent duties at NASA.

c. Special Agent Badges for retirees must be mounted in a Lucite award block.

d. CCPS/CCS shall obtain funding and procure the award once approved.

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