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NPR 8715.5B
Effective Date: February 02, 2018
Expiration Date: August 23, 2024
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Subject: Range Flight Safety Program

Responsible Office: Office of Safety and Mission Assurance

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Chapter 4. National Airspace System (NAS) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Licenses and Certificates of Authorization

4.1 Introduction

Unique range flight safety requirements may apply to range flight operations depending on the location of the operation or the participation of other entities. This chapter identifies unique range flight safety requirements for range operations that involve commercial launch and entry service providers and the NAS.

4.2 FAA-Licensed Launch and Entry

4.2.1 The FAA has the authority to authorize and supervise commercial space transportation activities conducted in the United States. The FAA licenses commercial launch and entry operations and the operation of commercial launch sites. The FAA licensing regulations are contained in 14 CFR pts. 400-1199.

4.2.2 NASA Program Managers shall obtain FAA licensing for any launch or entry where there is no Government organization directly overseeing and performing the range flight safety function during the activity.

Note: A FAA-licensed launch or entry, carrying a NASA payload or otherwise supporting a NASA mission, does not constitute a NASA range flight operation and is not subject to the requirements contained in this NPR, unless the activity takes place at a NASA facility where the cognizant/local NASA CRSFL is required to implement aspects of this NPR that apply to the activity. In such cases, NASA will coordinate with the FAA to ensure all applicable range flight safety requirements are satisfied.

4.3 Operations in the National Airspace System

4.3.1 This paragraph applies to each NASA Project that uses the NAS during conduct of a range flight operation.

4.3.2 NASA Program Managers that use the NAS shall coordinate with the FAA for those operations in accordance with the FAA procedures and policies.

4.3.3 For operation in the NAS outside of authorized special use airspace (as defined in 14 CFR pt. 73), NASA Program Manager shall obtain a Certificate of Authorization (COA) or Waiver from the FAA, submit a COA via Notification under the NASA/FAA MOU, or follow 14 CFR pt. 107 for each such UAS operation or 14 CFR pt. 101 for each scientific balloon operation. If an operation is to be performed in accordance with 14 CFR pt. 107, or 14 CFR pt. 101, the NASA Program Manager for UAS operations within the NAS shall ensure that all requirements to operate are met.

4.3.4 NASA Program Managers required by this NPR to submit requests to the FAA shall coordinate with the CRFSL prior to submitting those requests to the FAA Center(s) with authority over the planned areas of operation.

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