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NPR 9730.1
Effective Date: March 29, 2019
Expiration Date: March 24, 2024
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Subject: Travel Cards

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Financial Officer

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Chapter 2. Eligibility to Receive a Travel Card

2.1 Individuals Required to Receive a Travel Card

NASA employees authorized official travel shall use their travel card for all official travel expenses as the method of payment, unless exempted in accordance with 41 CFR § 301-51.3. This applies to all forms of travel, including Temporary Change of Station (TCS) and Permanent Change of Station (PCS).

2.2 Individuals Exempt from Receiving or Mandatory Use of a Travel Card

2.2.1 The expenses and classes of travelers exempted from the mandatory use of the travel card in accordance with 41 CFR § 301-51.3 are also exempt under NASA policy, including employees with a pending application and expenses for which use of a travel card is impractical (e.g., the vendor does not accept any credit cards).

Additionally, a traveler may elect to use another credit card if there are unreasonable costs for using the travel card (e.g., if savings can be realized, by use of alternative forms of payment that avoid vendor surcharge fees, in excess of 2 percent of the expenses) or if a transaction using the travel card is declined.

2.2.2 Other classes of exempt travelers include the following:

a. Intermittent or seasonal employees or temporary employees who have limited appointments under three months in duration.

b. Travelers whose cards have been lost, stolen, or damaged and have not yet received replacement cards.

c. Commercial Service Officers assigned to locations outside of the United States.

2.2.3 A traveler may also request an exemption for an official travel expense under exceptional or unusual circumstances before such expenses are incurred by submitting a waiver request with justification for the exemption to the Director for Policy, Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Such exemption may be granted when determined to be necessary in the interest of the Agency.

2.3 Individuals Ineligible to Receive a Travel Card

2.3.1 Employees from other Government agencies on detail to NASA shall apply for a travel card within their respective agencies. Exceptions to this requirement are limited to the following: NASA may issue a travel card to military personnel on detail and performing services for NASA under the guidelines of NPD 3280.3. NASA may issue a travel card to non-Federal employees on an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) assignment to NASA. IPA individuals granted a NASA travel card shall comply with all travel requirements as if they were a NASA employee.

2.3.2 Employees whose travel card accounts are cancelled and continuing in a state of delinquency shall not be authorized to reapply for a new travel card.

2.3.3 NASA will not authorize employees who have a charged off travel card account under the GSA Smart Pay or SmartPay2 contract to reapply for a new travel card, regardless of whether the charged off account is related to employment at NASA or another Agency. The CAPC, APC, Agency OCFO, and travel card provider may review exceptions in cases with extenuating circumstances. Exceptions will rarely be approved. All reinstatement decisions by the travel card provider are final.

2.4 Mandatory Training Requirements

2.4.1 All employees applying for a travel card shall complete the Agency's mandatory travel card training in accordance with NPD 5104.1.

2.4.2 NSSC shall ensure all travel cardholders complete the Agency's mandatory travel card refresher training at least every three years from the date of last completion.

2.4.3 Failure to complete the mandatory refresher training may result in disciplinary action and suspension of the travel card until such training has been completed.

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