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NPR 9790.1
Effective Date: August 30, 2017
Expiration Date: August 30, 2027
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Subject: Payment of Travel Expense from a Non-Federal Source, Revalidated on August 30, 2022

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Financial Officer

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Chapter 3. Allowable Expense Payments

3.1 Employee Travel Costs and Reimbursement Claims

3.1.1 When authorized to do so, an employee may accept, on behalf of NASA, payment for expenses included on the employee's travel authorization.

3.1.2 The maximum subsistence allowances for domestic travel may be exceeded if the following conditions are met:

a. The non-Federal source pays the full amount of the subsistence expenses.

b. The value of the subsistence expense paid is comparable to that offered to other meeting attendees.

c. NASA approved acceptance of payment from the non-Federal source prior to travel. The maximum subsistence allowance prescribed by the Secretary of State for foreign travel shall not be exceeded, even if the non-Federal source offers to pay for the additional expense.

3.1.3 NASA employees shall submit a travel claim (voucher) listing all allowable travel expenses incurred and paid by a non-Federal source.

3.1.4 Reimbursement by a non-Federal source is limited to the types of expenses allowed on the employee's travel authorization and those covered under FTR Chapter 301. NASA reimbursement will not exceed the amount of the employee's actual expenses incurred.

3.2 Travel Costs for an Accompanying Spouse

3.2.1 NASA may authorize acceptance of payment of travel expenses from a non-Federal source for an accompanying spouse when it is in the interest of, and authorized in advance by, the Agency. The Agency may determine that acceptance is in its interest under the following circumstances:

a. The spouse is traveling with the employee, attending the same event, and participating in substantive programs relating to NASA's programs or operations. The spouse shall attend most of the events or sessions daily, in order to fulfill the requirement of supporting NASA's mission.

b. The spouse's presence will support the mission of NASA or substantially assist the employee in carrying out the employee's official duties through attendance at or participation in this event.

c. The spouse will attend a ceremony at which the employee will receive an award or honorary degree from a non-NASA entity.

3.2.2 The same requirements and limitations that apply to employee travel apply to spousal travel. All payments made by a non-Federal source for spousal expenses is reported on the NF 1167, along with the employee's expenses, and aggregated into the final reported total payment.

3.2.3 The accompanying spouse will be issued a separate travel authorization that clearly references the employee's travel authorization, the purpose of the trip, and the circumstances that support at least one of the requirements under Section 3.2.1.

3.3 Valuation of In-Kind Contributions

3.3.1 For conference, training, or similar fees waived or paid by a non-Federal source, the employee shall report the amount charged to other participants.

3.3.2 For transportation or lodging, the employee shall report the cost that the non-Federal source paid or the amount charged to other participants.

3.3.3 For meals or other benefits that are not otherwise provided, the employee shall report the cost to the non-Federal source or provide an approximation of the benefit's market value. Employee per diem amounts will be reduced to account for the meals provided by the non-Federal source.

3.3.4 Where no commercial lodging rate is available, the employee should report the maximum lodging rate established by GSA for domestic travel and the Secretary of State for foreign areas.

3.4 Training Contributions and Awards

3.4.1 NASA will allow an employee to accept contributions and awards from a non-Federal source pertaining to training only when NASA has authorized the employee to do so.

3.4.2 NASA will not reimburse an employee for expenses that are fully reimbursed by a non-Federal source for training in a non-Government facility or travel expenses incident to attendance at a meeting.

3.4.3 NASA will reimburse the employee for training expenses NASA authorized that are not fully paid by a non-Federal source.

3.4.4 If a non-Federal source pays for travel expenses that NASA is not authorized to pay, no reduction in reimbursement to the employee is required.

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