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HQPR 6000.1
Effective Date: February 24, 2017
Expiration Date: February 24, 2022
Responsible Office: LM
NASA Headquarters Motor Pool Vehicle Policy
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Chapter 4. Vehicle Maintenance

4.1 Maintenance

4.1.1 All vehicle maintenance will be the responsibility of Transportation. The Colonial Parking Manager will advise the Transportation Officer of any malfunctions. The Transportation Officer will forward all preventative maintenance requirements to the Facilities Contractor for resolution.

4.1.2 Daily Vehicle Inspection – This list of inspections will be completed prior to operating and after operating the vehicle each day.

a. Service brakes.

b. Parking brake.

c. Tires.

d. Horn.

e. Emergency equipment.

f. Lights and reflectors.

g. Steering.

h. Windshield wipers.

i. Wheels and rims.

j. Rear view mirrors.

k. Records for regularly scheduled maintenance, repairs, and inspections will be kept in
accordance with NHQ Records management.

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