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HQPR 9730.1
Effective Date: May 24, 2015
Expiration Date: May 24, 2020
Responsible Office: LM
NASA Headquarters Fare Subsidy Program
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CHAPTER 1. Fare Subsidy Program

1.1 Overview

1.1.1 "In order to reduce Federal employees' contribution to traffic congestion and air pollution and to expand their commuting alternatives," Executive Order 13150 directed Federal agencies to employ any of a number of options compliant with 26 U.S.C. 132 (f)(2) (Internal Revenue Code) to encourage utilization of public mass transportation. As such, NASA established the Fare Subsidy Program for NASA Civil Service personnel who use public transportation as their primary means of transportation to and from work. This document provides mandatory requirements and instructions to implement the Fare Subsidy Program.

1.1.2 Fare Subsidy Program Scope

The NASA HQ Fare Subsidy Program (FSP) provides eligible employees with a cashless means to pay mass transportation costs through the Smart Benefits system. Funds provided by NASA HQ to the Smart Benefits system allow employees to use public transportation with a SmarTrip card, a reusable, rechargeable fare card for the following systems: Metro Rail, MetroBus, Circulator, RideON, Art, Cue, Dash, Fairfax Connector, Loudoun Commuter Bus, Van Pool, PRTC, Virginia Railway Express (VRE), MARC,

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