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NPR 1900.3C
Effective Date: December 07, 2020
Expiration Date: December 07, 2025
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Subject: Ethics Program Management

Responsible Office: Office of the General Counsel

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Chapter 8: Program Reviews

8.1 General

Chief Counsel perform delegated ethics responsibilities at their Centers under the supervision of the DAEO. The DAEO has discretion to conduct a review of the ethics program at Headquarters or any Center.

8.2 Program Reviews

8.2.1 A program review may be conducted as a formal or informal in-person or virtual review. Reviews will be coordinated with the specific Center Chief Counsel.

8.2.2 Areas of review will include:

a. Compliance.

(1) Compliance with legal requirements (regulatory or statutory), substantive or procedural, including record keeping; and

(2) Compliance with NASA directives, regulations, or guidance documents;

b. Best practices, such as:

(1) Activities that go beyond what is required by a regulatory or policy standard; and

(2) Processes or recommendations that, if implemented, improve the quality of the ethics program.

8.3 Corrective Action

a. Center Specific Action

If the DAEO determines that corrective action is needed, then the Center shall develop a corrective action plan for any findings that were areas of concern, including estimated completion dates. The Chief Counsel will provide notification to the DAEO of the completion of the corrective action.

b. Agency-wide Action

If there is an indication of a NASA-wide recurring or persistent problem, then the DAEO will refer the issue to the Ethics Committee to devise educational tools and/or compose a draft policy letter for the DAEO’s signature that explains how NASA will address that particular ethics issue. The draft opinion may then be circulated to all Chief Counsel for comment. If consensus is reached, then a draft will be forwarded to the DAEO with a recommendation that it be issued as a final opinion. If consensus is not reached, the issue will be referred to the DAEO for resolution.

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