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NPR 2570.1C
Effective Date: September 22, 2014
Expiration Date: September 22, 2026
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Subject: NASA Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum Management Manual (Revalidated w/change1)

Responsible Office: Space Operations MD

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Appendix H: Call Signs

H.1 Call Signs Allocated To NASA Centers And Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC), Blocks of call signs are allotted to NASA Centers and JPL (an FFRDC) for assignment by the FCC through the NASA National Spectrum Program Manager who, in turn, allots them in groups to the Center or JPL (an FFRDC) Spectrum Manager. The Center/Facility Spectrum Manager assigns these call signs, as required, to all frequency users at the Center or JPL (an FFRDC), including commercial contractors. The call signs allocated to each NASA Center and JPL (FFRDC) are shown in Tables H-1 through H-3. For the assignment of additional call signs, contact the National Spectrum Program Manager.

Table H-1 Allocation of Experimental Call Signs

Glenn Research Center NA2XAA through NA2XGZ
Armstrong Flight Research Center NA2XHA through NA2XOZ
Langley Research Center NA2XPA through NA2XZZ
Ames Research Center NA3XAA through NA3XGZ
Goddard Space Flight Center NA3XHA through NA3X0Z
NASA Headquarters NA3XPA through NA3XRZ
Jet Propulsion Laboratory NA3XSA through NA3XZZ
Marshall Space Flight Center NA4XAA through NA4XEZ
Stennis Space Center NA4XFA through NA4XJZ
Wallops Flight Facility NA4XKA through NA4XUZ
Kennedy Space Center NA4XVA through NA4XZZ
Johnson Space Center NA5XAA through NA5XGZ

Table H-2 Allocation of HF Call Signs

Glenn Research Center KHA940 through KHA944
Armstrong Flight Research Center KHA910 through KHA914
Langley Research Center KHA935 through KHA939
Ames Research Center KHA905 through KHA909
Goddard Space Flight Center KHA915 through KHA919
NASA Headquarters KHA900 through KHA904
Jet Propulsion Laboratory KHA920 through KHA924
Marshall Space Flight Center KHA945 through KHA949
Stennis Space Center KHA950 through KHA954
Wallops Flight Facility KHA955 through KHA959
Kennedy Space Center KHA930 through KHA934
Johnson Space Center KHA925 through KHA929
Spare Call Signs KHA960 through KHA969
Applicable only to fixed operations

Table H-3 Allocation of VHF-UHF Call Signs

Glenn Research Center PBA320 through WPBA335
Armstrong Flight Research Center WPBA230 through WPBA244
Langley Research Center WPBA305 through WPBA319
Ames Research Center WPBA215 through WPBA229
Goddard Space Flight Center WPBA245 through WPBA259
NASA Headquarters WPBA200 through WPBA214
Jet Propulsion Laboratory WPBA260 through WPBA274
Marshall Space Flight Center WPBA336 through WPBA350
Stennis Space Center WPBA351 through WPBA365
Wallops Flight Facility WPBA366 through WPBA380
Kennedy Space Center WPBA290 through WPBA304
Johnson Space Center WPBA281 through WPBA289 and
WPBA390 through WPBA395
White Sands Test Facility WPBA275 through WPBA280 and
WPBA381 through WPBA389
Spare Call Signs WPBA396 through WPBA399
Applicable only to land mobile radio repeater systems

H.2 Responsibility For Assignment

The NASA Center/Facility Spectrum Manager is responsible for the assignment of one or more of the call signs allocated to the Center to each specific operation requiring such an identifier.

H.3 Assignment Procedure

H.3.1 The Center or JPL (an FFRDC) Spectrum Manager exercises complete control of the assigned block of call signs and reserves the right to cancel or make changes. The Center/Facility Spectrum Manager maintains a complete and accurate record of all call sign assignments. Additional call signs may be made available by the National Spectrum Program Manager upon receipt of a request supplemented by documentary proof that the call sign allocation cannot satisfy existing call sign requirements.

H.3.2 One or more call signs may be assigned by the Center or JPL (an FFRDC) Spectrum Manager to any operation remotely located from the Center where the spectrum manager exercises responsibility for the Radio Frequency Assignment specifically issued to NASA representatives of commercial contractors, research institutes, colleges, and universities under contractual jurisdiction of the activity.

H.3.3 The Center or JPL (an FFRDC) Spectrum Manager will make all call sign assignments required by operations on such radio frequencies from the call sign block allocated to the Center or JPL (an FFRDC), regardless of the organization or commercial activity conducting the operation.

H.3.4 Prior to the assignment of an initial radio call sign, the Center or JPL (an FFRDC) Spectrum Manager will first determine that a valid requirement exists and that no previous assignment of an experimental call sign has been made to this operation.

H.3.5 Upon receipt of a request for an additional call sign, the Center or JPL (an FFRDC) Spectrum Manager will review the requirement to determine the feasibility of expanding the initial call sign assignment in lieu of the assignment of an additional identifier.

H.3.6 Duplicate assignment of the same call sign to different operations is not authorized.

H.4 Expansion of NASA Call Signs

In consideration of special requirements or the shortage of basic call signs, any assigned basic call sign may be expanded by suffixing any letter (A through Z) or any number (including zero) and may consist of more than one digit.

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