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Directive ID Subject Expiration Date
NPD 2000.1H Authority to Take Certain Actions for The General Counsel September 7, 2024
NPD 2010.1E Court Actions or Proceedings Involving NASA or NASA Employees (Revalidated 06/23/23) June 6, 2028
NPD 2010.2C Alternative Dispute Resolution (Revalidated w/Change 3 - 10/04/22) March 6, 2027
NPD 2025.1B NASA Ombudsman Program December 28, 2023
NPD 2081.1B Nondiscrimination in Federally Assisted and Conducted Programs of NASA December 1, 2024
NPR 2081.1B Nondiscrimination in Federally Assisted and Conducted Programs June 23, 2026
NPD 2086.1 Coordination of Remedies for Fraud and Corruption Related to NASA Acquisition Activities (Revalidated 1/14/2020) December 23, 2025
NPD 2090.6A Authority to Enter Into License Agreements and Implementation of Licensing Authority (Revalidated w/change 1) October 26, 2028
NPD 2091.1C Inventions Made By Government Employees May 24, 2024
NPR 2092.1B Distribution of Royalties and Other Payments Received by NASA from the Licensing or Assignment of Inventions (Revalidated 7/31/19) August 22, 2024
NPD 2092.1C Royalties or Other Payments Received by NASA from the Licensing or Assignment of Inventions (Revalidated 8/2/19) September 13, 2024
NPD 2190.1B NASA Export Control Program (Revalidated w/change 2) June 20, 2027
NPR 2190.1C NASA Export Control Program (Revalidated w/change 1) September 8, 2028
NPD 2200.1D Management of NASA Scientific and Technical Information January 1, 2025
NPR 2200.2E Requirements for Documentation, Approval and Dissemination of Scientific and Technical Information December 17, 2026
NPR 2210.1E Release of NASA Software June 14, 2028
NPD 2230.1 Research Data and Publication Access (Revalidated w/Change 1) January 14, 2026
NPD 2521.1B Communications and Material Review August 18, 2024
NPD 2530.1G Monitoring or Recording of Telephone or Other Conversations (Revalidated 8/10/18) October 29, 2024
NPD 2540.1K Acceptable Use of Government Furnished Information Technology Equipment, Services and Resources August 11, 2027
NPR 2570.1C NASA Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum Management Manual (Revalidated w/change1) September 22, 2026
NPD 2570.5E NASA Electromagnetic Spectrum Management - Revalidated 5/5/2022 July 11, 2027
NPD 2800.1E Managing Information Technology, Updated w/Change 3 December 9, 2024
NPR 2800.2A Information and Communication Technology Accessibility August 5, 2025
NPD 2810.1F NASA Information Security Policy January 21, 2027
NPR 2810.1F Security of Information and Information Systems January 3, 2027
NPR 2810.2 Possession and Use of NASA Information and Information Systems Outside of the United States and United States Territories (Updated with Administrative Change 1) October 29, 2024
NPR 2810.7 Controlled Unclassified Information October 22, 2026
NPR 2830.1A NASA Enterprise Architecture Procedures December 19, 2025
NPD 2830.1D NASA Enterprise Architecture November 17, 2025
NPR 2841.1 Identity, Credential, and Access Management (Revalidated w/change 2) January 6, 2027

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