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Directive ID Subject Expiration Date
NPD 5000.2D Small Business Subcontracting Goals August 12, 2021
NPD 5101.1E Requirements for Legal Review of Procurement Matters (Revalidated w/change 2, dated 12/15/2017 September 15, 2022
NPD 5101.32E Procurement, Financial Assistance (Revalidated w/change 2) March 30, 2022
NPR 5101.33A Procurement Advocacy Programs w/Change 5, Revalidated 3/27/2017 March 27, 2022
NPD 5104.1 Government Charge Cards w/Change 1 August 19, 2021
NPD 5119.1 Small Business Program June 1, 2021
NPR 5200.1D Industrial Labor Relations Manual (Revalidated April 10, 2013, with admin. changes) June 30, 2019
NPR 5810.1A NPR 5810.1, Standard Format for NASA Research Announcement and Other Announcements for Grants and Cooperative Agreements March 16, 2022

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