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Directive ID Subject Expiration Date
NPD 7010.1L Processing Legislative Proposals January 29, 2023
NPD 7100.10F Curation of Institutional Scientific Collections (Revalidated w/Change 1) May 26, 2026
NPR 7100.1B Protection of Human Research Subjects February 15, 2024
NPD 7100.8F Protection of Human Research Subjects March 29, 2024
NPR 7120.10A Technical Standards for NASA Programs and Projects February 21, 2022
NPR 7120.11A NASA Health and Medical Technical Authority (HMTA) Implementation September 8, 2025
NPD 7120.4E NASA Engineering and Program/Project Management Policy June 26, 2022
NPR 7120.5E NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements (Updated w/Change 18) December 14, 2021
NPD 7120.6A Knowledge Policy for Programs and Projects December 16, 2024
NPR 7120.7A NASA Information Technology Program and Project Management Requirements August 17, 2025
NPR 7120.8A NASA Research and Technology Program and Project Management Requirements September 14, 2023
NPR 7123.1C NASA Systems Engineering Processes and Requirements (w/Change 1) February 14, 2025
NPR 7150.2C NASA Software Engineering Requirements August 2, 2024
NPD 7170.1 Use of Human Research Genetic Testing February 22, 2023
NPD 7330.1I Approval Authorities for Facility Projects December 6, 2021
NPD 7410.1H Management of Contract and Grant Support Services Obtained from External Sources (Revalidated 8/14/2018) August 27, 2023
NPD 7500.1D Program and Project Life-Cycle Logistics Support Policy December 2, 2021
NPR 7500.2 NASA Technology Transfer Requirements September 19, 2021
NPD 7620.1I Official Names for Major NASA Projects (Revalidated w/Change 2) February 14, 2025
NPR 7900.3D Aircraft Operations Management May 1, 2022
NPD 7900.4D NASA Aircraft Operations Management, Updated with Change 1, March 10, 2015 December 7, 2021

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