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NPR 3435.1D
Effective Date: December 07, 2020
Expiration Date: December 07, 2025
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Subject: NASA Performance Management System for the Senior Executive Service (Updated with Change 1, on August 3, 2023)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer

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Appendix A. Definitions

Annual Summary Rating. The overall rating level that the Administrator or designee assigns at the end of the appraisal period after considering the PRB recommendation. This is the official/final rating.

Appointing Authority. The Administrator or designee with authority to make appointments in the SES.

Appraisal Period. The established period of time for which a senior executive's performance will be appraised and rated.

Critical Element. A key component of executive's work that contributes to organizational goals and results and is so important that unsatisfactory performance of the element would make the overall job performance unsatisfactory.

Distinguished Performance (Level 5). Demonstrated exceptional performance that sustains excellence and optimizes results in the executive's organization, Agency, department, or Government-wide. This represents the highest level of executive performance, as evidenced by the extraordinary impact on the achievement of the organization's mission. The executive is considered a role model by Agency leadership, peers, and employees.

Executive Position Managers. Officials-in-Charge, Headquarters Offices and Center Directors.

Initial Summary Rating. An overall rating level the Rating Official derives from appraising the senior executive's performance during the appraisal period and forwards to the PRB.

Meritorious Performance (Level 4). Demonstrated very high level of performance beyond that required for successful performance in the senior executive's position and scope of responsibilities.

Minimum Appraisal Period. The minimum amount of time that a senior executive is under a performance plan before a rating may be assigned. This period is 90 days.

Performance. The accomplishment of the work described in the senior executive's performance plan.

Performance Appraisal. The review and evaluation of a senior executive's performance against performance elements and requirements.

Performance Management System. The framework of policies and practices that an Agency establishes for planning, monitoring, developing, evaluating, and rewarding both individual and organizational performance and for using resulting performance information in making personnel decisions.

Performance Requirement. A statement of the performance expected for a critical element.

Performance Review Board (PRB). A board required by law to make recommendations to the Administrator or designee on the performance of senior executives. The SEC serves as the PRB for PRB members and other executives reporting to the Administrator, including Center Directors and executives assigned to the Office of the Administrator.

Progress Review. A review of the senior executive's progress in meeting the performance requirements. A progress review is not a performance rating.

Senior Executive Committee. Serves as the PRB for executives reporting to the Administrator, Deputy Administrator, and PRB members. Recommends to the Administrator final performance ratings, awards, and salary adjustments for NASA executives.

Senior Executive Performance Plan. The written summary of work the senior executive is expected to accomplish during the appraisal period and the requirements against which performance will be evaluated. The plan addresses all critical elements established for the senior executive.

Strategic Planning Initiatives. Agency strategic plans, annual performance plans, organizational work plans, and other related initiatives.

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