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NPR 3600.1C
Effective Date: September 01, 2022
Expiration Date: September 01, 2027
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Subject: Attendance and Leave

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer

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Chapter 1. Responsibilities

1.1 Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO)

1.1.1 The CHCO will:

a. Provide direction and establish Agency requirements and guidance on the administration of leave and attendance laws, regulations, and policies to include annual leave, sick leave, family and medical leave, leave sharing programs, military leave, and excused absences.

b. Appoint a senior management official from the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (OCHCO) to serve as the chairperson for the Leave Bank Board and provide administrative support to the Leave Bank Board.

c. Upon notification from OPM, establish an emergency leave transfer program (ELTP) for a specific disaster or emergency, decide on the establishment of an Agency ELTP, determine the duration of the emergency, and appoint an ELTP Board.

1.2 Officials-in-Charge (OICs) of Headquarters Offices/Center Directors

1.2.1 OICs of Headquarters Offices/Center Directors will:

a. Establish basic workweeks (i.e., hours of duty), regularly scheduled administrative workweeks, and irregular/special tours of duty.

b. Establish time bands where employees can earn credit hours.

c. Establish organizational attendance and leave policies and procedures.

d. Determine, where applicable as it pertains to excess annual leave, the existence of an exigency of the public business that precludes excusing an employee from duty.

1.3 Servicing HR Directors

1.3.1 Servicing HR Directors will:

a. Provide guidance to management officials and employees on the application of attendance and leave regulations and policies and advise supervisors on strategies on the use of leave for approved leave recipients to ensure efficient and effective use of leave sharing programs.

b. Administer leave programs and assure compliance with all applicable policies, regulations, and this directive.

c. Inform the CHCO and the NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) Chief, HR Services Division (HRSD) in advance or as soon as practical, when the Center or major portion of the Center is closed for a brief period or when large groups of employees (i.e., ten or more employees) are to be excused without charge to personal leave balances or loss of pay (i.e., when there is an event that would warrant weather and safety or excused leave) in accordance with this directive.

d. When an ELTP has been established, designate an ELTP Coordinator to serve as the Center’s primary point of contact for reporting requirements and Center communication/education efforts.

e. Approve requests for annual leave restoration and ensure approved requests are in conformance with applicable rules and regulations prior to submission.

f. Approve or deny employee requests to be a leave recipient under the leave donor programs for a period longer than one calendar year.

1.4 Chief, HRSD, NSSC

1.4.1 The Chief, HRSD, NSSC will:

Provide program management, oversight, advisory services, and administrative support for leave programs, i.e., Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP), Voluntary Leave Bank Program (VLBP), ELTP, advanced sick leave, Paid Parental Leave Program, and leave restoration in accordance with regulatory requirements and this directive.

1.5 Voluntary Leave Bank Board

The Leave Bank Board will manage the Agency VLBP in accordance with regulatory requirements and this directive.

1.6 ELTP Board

The ELTP Board will manage the Agency ELTP in accordance with regulatory requirements and this directive to include deciding on employee leave recipient requests, distribution of leave, and recommendation of program duration.

1.7 ELTP Coordinators

1.7.1 ELTP Coordinators will:

a. Serve as the Center’s primary point of contact and liaison with the Agency ELTP program manager.

b. Manage organizational communication and education efforts regarding ELTP.

c. Report data as requested by the Agency ELTP program manager, including the number of affected employees and the estimated number of hours needed for the Center.

1.8 Supervisors

1.8.1 Supervisors will:

a. Inform employees, in advance, of established policies and procedures for requesting leave and any requirements for providing administratively acceptable evidence for extended periods of absence due to any valid use of sick leave. Supporting evidence for leave requests will be safeguarded and maintained separately from other personnel records to ensure the security and confidentiality of medical documentation.

b. Assist employees in the planning of the use of annual leave and in monitoring usage of annual leave to minimize forfeiture of leave at the end of the leave year.

c. Approve or deny requests for the use of donated leave, including leave granted by the Leave Bank Board and ELTP, in accordance with applicable law, regulation, and this directive.

d. Monitor the status of employees who are approved recipients for donated or advanced leave to ensure continued program eligibility. Report any changes in status to the NSSC.

e. In coordination with the servicing HR office, approve or deny employee requests to waive the annual leave donation limitation for contributions to the VLTP in accordance with applicable regulations and this directive.

f. Review and approve daily and weekly work schedules and review/approve timecards in the Agency time and attendance system.

g. Take timely action on all leave requests to include denial, approval, or rescheduling for another time.

1.9 Employees

1.9.1 Employees shall:

a. Plan their leave and follow organizational procedures for requesting leave.

b. Understand that falsification of information or documentation provided to support leave requests or leave sharing programs may result in program ineligibility, requirement to refund previously received leave, and disciplinary action.

c. Initiate requests for work schedule variations, when applicable, for personal reasons as further defined in paragraph 2.2.2.

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