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NPR 3771.1A
Effective Date: January 21, 2016
Expiration Date: January 21, 2025
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Subject: NASA's Administrative Grievance System (AGS) Revalidated on October 14, 2020 with Change 1

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer

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P.1 Purpose

This NPR establishes the Agency Administrative Grievance System (AGS) to provide a fair, equitable, and timely forum for review and resolution of employment-related matters. The AGS provides a framework for managing administrative grievances, assigns responsibilities, and prescribes requirements for the review of employee problems or disputes that involve a concern or dissatisfaction with an employment-related matter within the control of Agency management officials.

P.2 Applicability

a. This NPR is applicable to non-bargaining unit employees assigned to NASA Headquarters and NASA Centers, including Component Facilities and Technical and Service Support Centers and to former employees for whom Agency management can provide a remedy. This NPR is not applicable to nonappropriated fund employees. Bargaining unit employees may access the AGS for matters within its coverage that are excluded by an applicable negotiated grievance procedure.

b. Any reference to Center Director(s) includes the Executive Director for Headquarters Operations and the Executive Director of the NASA Shared Services Center.

c. In this directive, all mandatory actions (i.e., requirements) are denoted by statements containing the term "shall." The terms: "may" or "can" denote discretionary privilege or permission, "should" denotes a good practice and is recommended, but not required, "will" denotes expected outcome, and "are/is" denotes descriptive material.

d. In this directive, all document citations are assumed to be the latest version, unless otherwise noted.

e. The Office of the Inspector General has statutory independence and may create a separate grievance system that meets its mission requirements.

P.3 Authority

NPD 3000.1, Human Capital Management.

P.4 Applicable Documents and Forms

a. Definitions; application, 5 U.S.C ยง 7511(a) (1).

b. NPR 1441.1, NASA Records Management Program Requirements.

P.5 Measurement/Verification

The Assistant Administrator, Human Capital Management (AA, HCM) and Human Resources Directors (HRDs) shall conduct periodic assessments of the grievance process to assess program efficiency and effectiveness.

P.6 Cancellation

NPR 3771.1, Grievance System, dated May 7, 1999.

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