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NPR 6000.1H
Effective Date: November 10, 2010
Expiration Date: June 10, 2024
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Subject: Requirements for Packaging, Handling, and Transportation for Aeronautical and Space Systems, Equipment, and Associated Components

Responsible Office: Office of Strategic Infrastructure

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Chapter 1. Basic Principles

1.1 Scope

1.1.1 This NPR defines general requirements for preservation, packaging, packing, marking, handling, transportation, and related data and documentation pertaining to all NASA-procured software and hardware items. For the purposes of this NPR, the definitions in Appendix A shall apply.

1.1.2 The requirements of this NPR do not supersede detailed NASA-approved preservation, packaging, marking, handling, and transportation specifications or procedures. Contractual provisions regarding supersession will apply. This NPR may be used as part of, or as a supplement to, other approved specifications or procedures. Appropriate sections of this publication may be incorporated by reference in a contract to spell out the obligations of the parties with respect to hazardous items, NASA critical item labeling, and special packaging, handling, and transportation data for mission-essential items.

1.1.3 When this NPR is incorporated contractually by reference, the procurement documents shall cite its title and date and, if desired, specific direction as follows:

a. Level of preservation and packaging and level of packing to be supplied (see section 2.1.).

b. Listing of items requiring a Packaging, Handling, and Transportation Record (see section 3.1.).

1.1.4. Specifications and procedures for preservation, packaging, packing, marking, handling, transportation, and related data and documentation shall be compatible with this NPR except to the extent that a deviation or waiver is approved in accordance with section 1.2. The mere citation of this NPR or the mere incorporation by reference of this NPR, or a part thereof, does not constitute compliance with any other applicable requirement that detailed or specific provisions be provided or stated in a particular document.

1.2 Deviation and Waiver Requests

1.2.1 Technical changes, deviations, or waivers sought from any requirement of this NPR shall be requested from, and approved in writing by, the applicable Transportation Office with final approval from the Agency Transportation Manager, Mission Support Directorate.

1.2.2 When requesting technical changes, deviations, or waivers, the requestor shall provide detailed justification outlining the uniqueness associated with their request, that timeline that the deviation and/or waiver is needed, program and/or project office supporting, Contract Number (if applicable), and suspense date needed for implementation.

1.3 Policy

1.3.1 General. Preservation, packaging, and packing should comply with the basic NASA objective of achieving adequate protection of the contained items at minimum cost. However, additional protection for items defined as mission critical may justify additional expenses. While needless expense should be avoided, protection for such items should clearly be sufficient.

1.3.2 Transportation Safety, Reliability, and Retention of Item Safety, Reliability, and Quality. These shall be a major consideration in the development or selection of preservation, packaging, packing, marking, handling, and transportation approaches for mission-essential and/or sensitive items.

a. Each Center Transportation Officer or contractor shipping on behalf of NASA shall have a program establishing policies, procedures, and responsibilities for control of shipping and packaging requirements and procedures to achieve zero damage on delivery.

b. Regulatory and programmatic requirements shall be identified, met, and verified through NASA Center safety, reliability, and quality management processes.

1.3.3 Contingency Planning for Emergency Incidents. Due to the hazardous materials content of some critical space item shipments, it is prudent that all reasonable precautions be taken during movement of material. All shipments shall be in strict compliance with 49 CFR, Subtitle B, Chapter I, as well as applicable Center emergency response plans.

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