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NPR 7123.1D
Effective Date: July 05, 2023
Expiration Date: July 05, 2028
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Subject: NASA Systems Engineering Processes and Requirements Updated w/Change 2

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Engineer

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Appendix K. References

K.1 The following documents were used as reference materials in the development of this SE NPR. The documents are offered as informational sources and are not evoked in this NPR, though they may be referenced.

NPD 7120.4, NASA Engineering and Program/Project Management Policy.

NPD 7120.6, Knowledge Policy on Program and Projects.

NPD 8081.1, NASA Chemical Rocket Propulsion Testing.

NPD 8700.1, NASA Policy for Safety and Mission Success.

NPR 1400.1, NASA Directives and Charters Procedural Requirements.

NPR 2570.1, NASA Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum Management Manual.

NPR 7120.7, NASA Information Technology and Institutional Infrastructure Program and Project Management Requirements.

NPR 7120.8, NASA Research and Technology Program and Project Management Requirements.

NPR 7120.10, Technical Standards for NASA Programs and Projects.

NPR 7120.11, NASA Health and Medical Technical Authority (HMTA) Implementation.

NPR 8705.4, Risk Classification for NASA Payloads.

NPR 8000.4, Agency Risk Management Procedural Requirements.

NPR 8590.1, Environmental Compliance and Restoration Program.

NPR 8705.2, Human-Rating Requirements for Space Systems.

NPR 8820.2, Facility Project Requirements (FPR).

NASA/SP-2010-3404, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Handbook.

NASA/SP-2010-576, NASA Risk-Informed Decision Making Handbook.

NASA/SP-2014-3705, NASA Spaceflight Program & Project Management Handbook.

NASA/SP-2011-3422, NASA Risk Management Handbook.

NASA/SP-20210010952, NASA Human Systems Integration (HSI) Handbook.

NASA/SP-2016-6105, NASA Systems Engineering Handbook.

NASA/SP-2016-6105-SUPPL, Expanded Guidance for NASA Systems Engineering.

NASA-STD-3001, NASA Space Flight Human System Standard.

NASA-STD-7009, Standard for Models and Simulations.

NASA-SPEC-2600 v2.0: Enumeration of ASCS Cybersecurity Requirements Security Configuration Specification

MIL-STD-499B (draft), Systems Engineering.

ANSI/EIA 632, Processes for Engineering a System. Note: EIA 632 is a commercial document that evolved from the never released, but fully developed, 1994 Mil-Std 499B, Systems Engineering. It was intended to provide a framework for developing and supporting universal SE discipline for both defense and commercial environments. EIA 632 was intended to be a top-tier standard further defined to lower level standards that define specific practices. IEEE 1220 is a second-tier standard that implements EIA 632 by defining one way to practice SE.

AS9100: Quality Management Systems—Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations.

ISO/IEC 15288, Systems and Software Engineering—System Life-Cycle Processes.

ISO/IEC TR 19760, Systems Engineering—A Guide for the Application of ISO/IEC 15288 (System Life-Cycle Processes).

SAE/EIA-649 Configuration Management Standard.

The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) ® Model.

Defense Acquisition University Systems Engineering Fundamentals. Ft. Belvoir, Virginia: Defense Acquisition University Press, December 2000.

International Council on Systems Engineering Systems Engineering Guide.

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