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NPR 8735.2C
Effective Date: March 12, 2021
Expiration Date: March 12, 2026
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Subject: Hardware Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Programs and Projects (Updated w/Change 1)

Responsible Office: Office of Safety and Mission Assurance

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Chapter 1. Overview

1.1 Introduction

1.1.1 This NPR provides the accepted standard for requirements used by programs and projects to establish and execute their quality assurance (QA) programs; hereafter referred to as the Project QA program. The Project QA program applies management, quality engineering (QE), and QA practices, and technical criteria, to acquisitions, system integrations, and hardware deployments in a manner that enables the project to meet its mission objectives. The requirements are arranged in the sequence in which QE and QA activities take place within the formulation, planning and analysis, execution, verification, and risk management phases of program or project development (Chapter 4-6). Stand-alone chapters that require additional and more detailed explanation and prescription for contract administration are Chapters 7 and 8.

1.1.2 Chapter 3 defines requirements for Center quality management systems (QMSs) that are institutional in nature and provide in-house capabilities used by programs and projects for life-cycle activities named in 1.1.1 above. The definition for "institutional" provided in NPR 7120.5 applies to the above statement.

1.1.3 Appendices C through F provide guidance to programs and projects through example text and lists applicable for developing requirements for procurements and for life-cycle reviews.

1.1.4 When a requirement herein has associated procedures in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) or the NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (NFS), those parts of the FAR and NFS are referenced for information. These references may also be used to recognize requirements traceability to regulatory objectives.

1.2 Document Procedure

Where there are conflicts between the requirements found in this directive and the technical standards in section P.4, the requirements of this directive take precedence.

1.3 Tailoring

1.3.1 NPR 8715.3 provides requirements and guidance for programs and projects that will document and seek approval for requirements tailoring and other risk management decisions. See NPR 8000.4, Agency Risk Management Procedural Requirements, for the roles and responsibilities associated with risk acceptance.

1.3.2 For programs or projects where mission hardware development, manufacturing, or processing will occur within a NASA Center (i.e., the NASA Center is the supplier) concurrence by the Center SMA Director, or their delegate, is required for requirements tailoring that conflicts with the Center's SMA policies and/or its QMS.

1.3.3 Centers are permitted to tailor the requirements of AS9100D, Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations, when establishing their quality management system (see 3.1.3 herein) in order to align the QMS with the type of work performed at the Center and to support actively managed programs and projects.

1.3.4 For payloads, NPR 8705.4, provides requirements and guidance to programs and projects that seek to tailor the requirements herein to meet programmatic and technical mission objectives when establishing their Project QA Plan.

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