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NPR 9620.1A
Effective Date: May 17, 2017
Expiration Date: May 17, 2027
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Subject: Payroll (Revalidated with Change 1)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Financial Officer

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Chapter 3. Time and Attendance

3.1 Agency Requirements

A record of time in pay and non-pay status will be maintained for purposes of computing pay, leave, and allowances. For each employee and each pay period, a certified T&A report will be furnished to the appropriate payroll office; this will be the basis for salary payment to the employee. NASA's T&A system will supply the attendance report. For detailed instructions on the preparation and submission of the biweekly T&A report, refer to the NASA T&A instructions.

3.2 Reporting and Approval

3.2.1 T&A data will be timely and accurately recorded in the T&A system (or related supporting documentation, if appropriate):

a. The employees' input hours worked and leave taken by leave type into the T&A system.

b. The employees' supervisor certification of the T&A system data.

c. Refer to NPR 3600.2, NASA Telework Program, for procedures and responsibilities and timekeeping requirements related to the Agency telework program.

3.3 Time and Attendance Reports

3.3.1 T&A, supporting documents, or computer files of T&A data will be maintained to show each employee's entitlement to their normal pay, or to a greater or lesser amount, by showing the number of hours worked and the nature and length of absences.

3.3.2 All T&A reports and other supporting documents will be reviewed and approved by an Authorized official knowledgeable of the employee's number of hours worked and absence. Authorized officials acknowledge awareness and understanding of their responsibility when they sign the document or enters a designated approval code (electronic signature) into the T&A system.

3.3.3 The T&A system shall provide reports to support payroll processing as well as support internal and external audits. The T&A system shall provide the ability to report T&A details for each employee by pay period.

3.3.4 Supervisor T&A system certification is an attestation of the following:

a. Any related documentation or data elements, including approvals, are maintained in computer files.

b. Supporting documents or computerized files are reviewed by the supervisor prior to approving T&A data.

c. The employee is or will be informed of supervisor and other official's changes to time.

3.3.5 Safeguards to prevent unauthorized entry and changes will be implemented when using automated signatures for approval of T&A reports.

3.3.6 T&A information will be submitted to the NPO for all employees. Failure to Enter and Approve T&A Data in the T&A System by Deadline. Centers' T&A data will be entered, approved, and submitted to the NSSC for final certification by the biweekly deadline currently defined by the Agency. The NSSC will record annual leave for Centers' missing or unapproved time sheets during the final validation and certification process to ensure salary payments are processed. In the rare instance of this occurrence, a time sheet adjustment may be entered and approved in the T&A system the following pay period for corrective action. Manual (Hardcopy) Time Sheet Adjustment Requests: All T&A information will be entered and approved through the T&A system. This is imperative for maintaining data consistency between systems and applications utilizing T&A system data for processing and reporting purposes. Missing or unapproved T&A data may not be corrected via manual time sheet adjustments submitted to the NSSC or NASA's external payroll service provider. Exceptions are allowed only in conditions where failure to process an intervening (manual) adjustment causes an employee to not receive a salary payment or results in a violation of internal controls.

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