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NPR 9620.1A
Effective Date: May 17, 2017
Expiration Date: May 17, 2027
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Subject: Payroll (Revalidated with Change 1)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Financial Officer

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Chapter 4. Leave

4.1 Agency Requirements

Leave is intended to be used for all non-work absences to accurately account for and properly charge the appropriate leave category or excused leave for the particular situation. All hours of leave are governed by NASA policy, as specified by OPM through the CFR. The NSSC will be responsible for determining leave accrual rates. Leave accrual and usage will be documented in the Agency's T&A system.

4.2 Requirement for Recording Leave

4.2.1 Leave taken will be properly authorized and documented:

a. Leave used will be documented and approved in writing or electronically by a supervisor designated to make such approvals.

b. Documentation for leave used will show the dates, amounts, and types of leave taken. Documentation will be maintained to support entitlement to certain types of leave, where applicable, such as subpoenas for court attendance as a witness; certificates of attendance in support of court leave granted for jury duty; military orders and certifications of attendance supporting military leave granted; and memorandums of approval to restore unused leave which would otherwise be lost.

4.2.2 Information on leave use and accrual will be accurately determined and promptly provided to ensure certain leave-related collections from employees and for preparation of financial reports.

4.2.3 The payroll system will provide information to the general ledger, accounts receivable, or collections system to ensure prompt and accurate collection, through establishment of accounts receivable, appropriate reports, and follow-up actions, for:

a. Health and life insurance premiums when gross pay is insufficient to fund the deductions (such as when an employee is on leave without pay and will pay NASA for health insurance premiums in order to keep the insurance in force).

b. Collectible court juror or witness reimbursements to employees while not in a leave status.

c. Leave taken in excess of leave earned at separation.

4.3 Reporting Leave Data, Transfers, and Separations

An employee's record of leave data will be transmitted by NSSC in accordance with the agency services delivery guides. Leave donations will be handled through the NSSC Human Resources Office.

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