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NPR 1400.1H
Effective Date: March 29, 2019
Expiration Date: December 31, 2024

Subject: NASA Directives and Charters Procedural Requirements (Updated w/Change 10)

Responsible Office: Chief of Staff

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NAII 1400.1, NASA Governance Charter Writing Manual

Table of Contents

Change Log


P.1 Purpose
P.2 Applicability
P.3 Authority
P.4 Applicable Documents and Forms
P.5 Measurement/Verification
P.6 Cancellation

Chapter 1. NASA Directives

1.1 Overview
1.2 General Provisions Governing NASA Directives
1.3 Description and Hierarchy of NASA Directives

Chapter 2. Responsibilities

2.1 Administrator
2.2 Deputy Administrator
2.3 Associate Administrator
2.4 Chief of Staff
2.5 Director, Office of the Executive Secretariat
2.6 Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices
2.7 Center Directors
2.8 General Counsel
2.9 Inspector General
2.10 Chief Financial Officer
2.11 Chief Human Capital Officer
2.12 Assistant Administrator for Procurement
2.13 Chief Information Officer
2.14 Director for NASA Management Office
2.15 Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2.16 Responsible Offices
2.17 Reviewing Offices and Centers
2.18 Office of the Executive Secretariat, Directives Management Team
2.19 Directives Managers
2.20 Audit Liaison Representatives
2.21 Headquarters Quality Control Liaison
2.22 Office of the Executive Secretariat, Executive Operations Team
2.23 Office of the Executive Secretariat, Agency Governance Team

Chapter 3. Requirements for the Content and Structure of NASA Directives and NASA Charters

3.1 Requirement Statements in NASA Directives
3.2 Responsibility Statements in Agency-level Directives
3.3 Document Citations in NASA Directives
3.4 Administrative Elements of NASA Directives
3.5 Writing Style
3.6 Content and Structure of NASA Policy Directives (NPD) and Center Policy Directives (CPD)
3.7 Content and Structure of NASA Procedural Requirements (NPR) and Center Procedural Requirements (CPR)
3.8 Content and Structure of NASA Interim Directives (NID) and Center Interim Directives (CID)
3.9 Content and Structure of NASA Charters (NC)

Chapter 4. Process Requirements for Establishing and Revising NASA Directives and Charters

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Establishing and Revising Directives
4.3 Revalidating and Making Administrative Corrections or Minor Changes to Existing Directives
4.4 Issuing NIDs and CIDs
4.5 Issuing NCs
4.6 Hyperlinking Other Documentation to the NASA Online Directives Information System (NODIS) Library or the Center-level Directive's Library Systems

Chapter 5. Process Requirements for Requesting Directives Cancellations, Extensions, Resolutions, Transfers, and Waivers

5.1 Requesting Cancellation of NASA Directives and Charters
5.2 Requesting Extensions on Expiration or Suspension Dates
5.3 Requesting Resolution of Impasses
5.4 Requesting Transfers of Directives
5.5 Requesting Waivers from Requirements in NASA Directives

Appendix A. Definitions
Appendix B. Acronyms
Appendix C. Verification Matrices
Appendix D. Relationship between NASA Directives and Other NASA Documents
Appendix E. Sample Cost/Benefit Impacts
Appendix F. References


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