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HQPR 8621.1
Effective Date: November 08, 2011
Expiration Date: June 08, 2019
Responsible Office: LM
Mishap Reporting, Investigating, and Recordkeeping Program and Plan
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CHAPTER 4. Mishap Response Procedures

4.1 Securing the Mishap/Incident Site

4.1.1 HQPR 8710.1, "Emergency Preparedness Plan" shall be the authority document for onsite incidents when HQ's emergency response has been activated.

4.1.2 The organization directly responsible for the area or operation where the incident occurred shall take initial actions to secure the incident site until the arrival of the HQ Emergency Management personnel. This can include the following:

a. Barricade or rope off the area where the incident occurred to prevent employees from entering the area. This can also include having an organization employee stationed in the area to ensure no employees enter the area.

b. Ensure any equipment, tools, etc., involved in the incident are not disturbed.

c. Ensure any evidence that is a result of or contributed to the incident is preserved and not removed from the area.

d. Identify witnesses to the incident and keep them in the area to provide statements of what they saw. The organization can obtain written statements from the witnesses and provide them to the HQ Safety Office personnel. The witnesses may be requested to provide these written statements again if determined necessary by IRT/HQ Safety Office. (Refer to Appendix J: Example- Statement of Witnesses).

e. The HQ Security Office personnel shall assume control of securing the incident site upon their arrival and take any additional action necessary to control and preserve the incident site for the investigation.

4.1.3 The HQ Safety Office personnel shall act as the IRT and conduct the initial investigation unless otherwise instructed by the Incident Commander or management.

4.1.4 The IRT/HQ Safety Office shall ensure actions are taken for the protection of people and property, if necessary, and begin the process of conducting an initial investigation of the mishap/incident site.

4.1.5 The IRT/HQ Safety Office, with support of the Security personnel, and the responsible supervisor where the incident occurred, shall impound appropriate data and documentation, equipment, and/or facilities involved in the incident and hold until released to the Mishap Investigating Authority.

4.1.6 Evidence preservation shall not hamper essential rescue operations.

4.1.7 When evidence is impounded, the IRT/HQ Safety Office shall ensure it is identified (indexed) and placed in an area where access to the evidence is controlled until it has been released to the Mishap Investigating Authority. The location of impounded items is dependent on incident conditions, i.e., large items can be secured in place while the location of pertinent data and documentation is coordinated with the organization directly responsible for the area or operation.

4.1.8 Impounded evidence can include, but is not limited to, data and documents, regardless of format, logs, time cards, evidence of training, work authorization documents, evidence that inspections were conducted, problem reports, notes, e-mail messages, and automated log keeping systems and procedures.

4.1.9 The IRT/HQ Safety Office can photograph the area or operation where the incident occurred, if needed. The photos need to clearly show the result of the incident, such as any damage to equipment, facilities, or what could have contributed to the mishap/incident. Close-up photos of damage and also wide view photos of how all the items play into the mishap/incident are recommended.

4.1.10 Witness statements obtained by the IRT/HQ Safety Office shall be taken and maintained in accordance with NPR 8621.1, "NASA Procedural Requirements for Mishap and Close Call Reporting, Investigating, and Recordkeeping" paragraph 3.8 and considered privileged and protected.

4.1.11 The HQ Safety Office shall inform the responsible supervisor of any follow-up actions that are required based on the initial investigation.

4.2 Safety Precautions

4.2.1 Incident scenes can be hazardous. Before anyone is allowed onsite, the Incident Commander when required by HQPR 8710.1, "Emergency Preparedness Plan," or the IRT/HQ Safety Office must determine the hazards (e.g., hazardous materials and chemicals, radiation, blood borne pathogens, etc.). They will ensure all necessary precautions are implemented to make the scene safe prior to allowing those that are not directly involved in the investigation into the incident area.

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