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NPD 1000.3E
Effective Date: April 15, 2015
Expiration Date: December 31, 2024
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Subject: The NASA Organization w/Change 116

Responsible Office: Associate Administrator

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Chapter 6: Governance Attachments

6.1 Decision Thresholds of the Agency Governance Councils

Thresholds have been established to determine which Agency issues are presented to the different Agency-level governing councils.

6.2 Center Roles

a. Center roles provide policy guidance for Mission Directorates to assign work. Mission Directorates utilize Center roles in mission and project planning, as well as future acquisition strategy planning.

b. Center roles provide Center leadership with the policy direction to shape their workforce and supporting infrastructure. Centers use these roles as foundational in developing required planning products and internal guidance, such as Strategic Workforce Plans and Facility Master Plans.

6.3 Approved Agency Governance Councils and Agency Level Boards

Per NAII 1400.1, decisional Boards are chartered under the governance authority of an Agency Governance Council (Chapter 3), or the line authority of a NASA Official in Charge (Chapter 2, 4). The attachment documents the currently recognized chartering authority structure, and supercedes any previously published charters which have not yet been updated.

6.4 Participation of JPL in Agency Governance Councils

Per NPI 1000.99, "Role of Jet Propulsion Laboratory in NASA Decision-Making Processes," JPL leadership or employees may attend NASA governance meetings at NASA's discretion, under defined conditions. The attachment documents the consideration for inclusion for Agency Governance Councils based on their specific chartered Functions in Chapter 3. Per NPI 1000.99, all other governance bodies chartered under authorities in Chapter 2,3 or 4, also follow NPI 1000.99 and may use the attachment for reference and example.

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