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NPR 1387.1A
Effective Date: April 11, 2018
Expiration Date: December 31, 2024
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Subject: NASA Exhibits Program

Responsible Office: Office of Communications

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Appendix A: Definitions

General Public: A homogenous aggregate of the U.S. population that cannot be otherwise targeted, stratified, or divided into a social, educational, vocational, ethnic, generational, career or other subgroup.

Exhibit: An object or collection of objects on public display which generally includes graphics, interpretive text and audio-visual presentations, such as found in NASA Visitor Centers, NASA buildings, museums, or at public engagement events and technical conferences.

Heritage Assets: Defined as property, plant and equipment (PP&E) that are generally expected to be preserved indefinitely and are unique for one or more of the following reasons: historical or natural significance; cultural, educational, or artistic importance; or non-collection type heritage assets, such as parks, memorial, monuments, and buildings; or significant architectural characteristics, (e.g., chapels, theaters, etc.).

Long-Term Exhibit Loans: Loans for specific timed events, the duration of which is more than one month, such as a World's Fair. Loans will be documented using NF 893 and issued for a maximum of four years, with a one year extension not to exceed two extensions renewable on year terms.

NASA Artifact: A unique object that documents the history of the science and technology of NASA aeronautics and astronautics programs. Its significance and interest generally stem from its relation to historic flights, programs, activities, or incidents; achievements or improvements in technology; our understanding of the universe; or important or well-known personalities.

Non-traditional Audience: Sector of the general public not normally reached by other NASA technical, scientific, or education programs.

Short-Term Exhibit Loans: Loans for specific timed events will be documented on NF 893, the duration of which is less than one month.

Special Recognition Loan: It is the loan of personal property or artifact awarded by the Administrator for meritorious service, significant acts of valor, or outstanding performance that benefits NASA and the country at large. The property will be returned to NASA upon termination of the award agreement or upon death of the awardee. Loan Form NF 893 will be used to document the loan. It will provide terms and conditions of the loan and instructions for return of the property at the conclusion of the loan term. If the awardee is the Administrator, then the Deputy AA for the Office of Communications shall make the recommendation with approval by the Director, Logistics Management Division.

Technical/Professional Audience: Scientists, engineers, mathematicians, technical or career professional attendees who are the primary, targeted attendees at an event.

Underserved Communities: Sectors of the general public not normally reached by other NASA outreach or educational programs due to geographic, ethnic, or socioeconomic conditions.

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