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NPR 1450.10D
Effective Date: March 24, 2006
Expiration Date: March 24, 2026
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Subject: NASA Correspondence Management and Communications Standards and Style Revalidated (6/21/2021)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief of Staff

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Appendix A Administrator's Correspondence Preparation And Control

A.1 Before preparing memos or letters for Principals of the Office of the Administrator, study the figures in this appendix. Prepare Administrator's correspondence in a clear, direct, and concise style and limit to one page if possible. If additional information is essential, develop it in an enclosure.

a. Letters. Prepare letters in the modified semiblock style, indenting paragraphs five spaces (see Appendix A, Figure A-1). Do not right-justify the margin.

b. Memos. Prepare memos in block style, following the general guidelines outlined in Chapter 4: Memorandums (see Figure A-2 of this appendix). Do not right-justify margins.

c. Approval Memos. When requesting approval of Principals of the Office of the Administrator, prepare a memo for the official's signature containing the proposed response. See Appendix A, Figure A-3.

d. White House and Congressional Correspondence. See Appendix C, White House and Congressional Correspondence.

A.2 Stationery. Use Office of the Administrator's letterhead for preparing letters and memos for the signature of Principals of the Office of the Administrator. Administrator's letterhead is available from the GSFC Supply Center through designated organization-specific authorizing officials (usually the lead secretary of the organization). It may also be obtained from the Executive Secretariat (limited amount).

A.3 Font. Times New Roman 12 is the preferred font.

A.4 Reply to Attn of: line. The Administrator's letterhead does not contain a "Reply to Attn of:" line. Do not show the originating office on either original memos or letters.

A.5 Date. Leave blank. The Executive Secretariat will date the correspondence after signature.

A.6 Salutation. Appendix F lists models of addresses, including proper salutations. For addresses not listed, or if in doubt as to proper salutation or complimentary close, contact the Executive Secretariat.

A.7 Complimentary Close and Signature Block on Letters. Type the complimentary close and signature block beginning at the center of the page. Refer to Signature Blocks of this Appendix and also Figure A-1. These examples indicate the proper complimentary close and signature blocks for officials in the Office of the Administrator.

A.8 Distribution of Copies. Keep reproduction and distribution of information copies to the minimum required.

a. Courtesy Copies (cc). Type cc's on the original only when it is necessary for the recipient of the letter to know who received copies. After signature, the Executive Secretariat will return a photocopied original to the Action Office for distribution to cc's, or if no cc's are required, this photocopy will serve as a record of the signature for the action office.

b. Blind Courtesy Copies (bcc). Type bcc's on file copies only. The bcc's include all concurring officials and individuals who received a copy of the incoming document. After obtaining signature, the Executive Secretariat will return a file copy to the preparing office for reproduction and internal NASA distribution.

A.9 Administrator's Control Number and Suspense Date. Show the Administrator's control number and suspense date on all file and internal information copies (bcc's). Do not include any of this identifying information on cc's or copies going outside NASA. Identification of Office, Writer, and Typist. Example:

Office of the General Counsel/RFJones:pld:12/12/05:4831

If rewritten or retyped:

Office of the General Counsel/RFJones:pld:12/12/04:4831
Rewritten: Office of the General Counsel/JLSmith:ofb:1/4/05:3675
Retyped: Office of the General Counsel/RFGarcia:pld:1/7/05:3675

A.10 Action Document Summary (ADS).

a. NHQ Form 117, Action Document Summary, summarizes important aspects of the letter or memo submitted for signature. The original ADS will be retained by the Executive Secretariat, and a copy will be returned to the originator.

b. ADS guidelines:

(1) Type legibly (neat corrections are acceptable).

(2) Type on the original form or on a reproduced copy.

(3) Limit to one page. If it is necessary to use two pages, use plain bond for the second page.

(4) Write in active voice.

A.11 Assembly for Signature.

a. When the letter is ready for final review and signature, assemble it as outlined below.

b. The following mandatory supplies should be in good condition:

(1) One purple folder (to be used only for signature packages for the Office of the Administrator).

(2) ADS, NHQ Form 117.

(3) Signature and Incoming Tab, NASA Form 422.

(4) Concurrence and Background Tab, NASA Form 423.

(5) Enclosure(s) Tab, Form 1658.

(6) Executive Correspondence Cover.

(7) Four binder clips.

NOTE: For instructions to assemble signature packages containing directives, Click Here

c. Include preaddressed envelopes (appropriate size) in the package. Address envelopes properly with office names and suite numbers of signer indicated in the top left corner.

d. If the letter has enclosures, attach an extra set to the official file copy.

A.12 Routing. The action office is responsible for hand-carrying Administrator's signature packages between all offices for concurrences and, ultimately, to the Executive Secretariat. The package should not remain in any one office for more than 24 hours and should reach the Executive Secretariat five days prior to the due date.

A.13 Control of Office of the Administrator's Correspondence. The Executive Secretariat screens, controls, assigns a control number, and distributes all correspondence addressed to or signed by officials in the Office of the Administrator. Each Headquarters office has the following responsibilities:

a. Maintaining the control system for flow of the Office of the Administrator correspondence.

b. Reviewing incoming documents to ensure that action has been assigned to the appropriate person or office.

c. Ensuring that response deadlines are appropriate and are met.

d. Reviewing the signature package to ensure that all the guidelines of this appendix have been met.

e. Hand-carrying documents to the Executive Secretariat for signature and dispatch.

A.14 Coordination of Assigned Actions.

a. Reassigning an Action. If an action has been incorrectly assigned, contact the organization-specific analyst in the Executive Secretariat immediately to determine proper action reassignment. The action transfer can then be coordinated by the respective CCLs.

b. Extending or Canceling Suspense Requirements. Immediately upon receipt, review the action document to determine if the due date can be met. If an extension is required, notify the Executive Secretariat.

c. Preparing an Interim Reply. Whenever a delay in responding to incoming correspondence is anticipated, prepare an interim reply from the appropriate official, acknowledging receipt of the correspondence and stating when a final reply can be expected. A copy of the interim reply will be furnished to the Executive Secretariat prior to the expiration of the original due date.

d. Handling by Telephone. When a reply to correspondence is handled by a telephone conversation, forward a routing slip (NASA Form 26) or e-mail your analyst stating the following: "Handled by telephone conversation between (NASA official) and (addressee) on (date)," then give a brief summary of the telephone conversation.

e. Requesting Change in Designation of Signing Official. If a reply should be signed by an official outside the Administrator's office (e.g., head of a Headquarters office), request a change of signature level from the Executive Secretary in writing or by telephone. Follow up by providing a copy of the signed correspondence with the Administrator's identifying control number to the Executive Secretariat. The Action Office prepares and sends all required copies.

A.15 Signature Blocks. The following examples show the content and placement of signature blocks:


Complimentary Close/Signature Block



(insert current incumbent's name)

Deputy Administrator


(insert current incumbent's name)
Deputy Administrator

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