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NPR 1450.10D
Effective Date: March 24, 2006
Expiration Date: March 24, 2026
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Subject: NASA Correspondence Management and Communications Standards and Style Revalidated (6/21/2021)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief of Staff

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Appendix B Acronyms

This listing is a representation of the most commonly used NASA acronyms. It is not intended to be an inclusive listing of all NASA acronyms.

AA - Associate Administrator; Assistant Administrator
AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science
AAS - American Astronomical Society
ACE - Advanced Composition Explorer
ACISS - Advisory Committee on the International Space Station
ACO - Administrative Contracting Officer
ACRIM - Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor
ACTIVE - Advanced Control Technology for Integrated Vehicles
ACTS - Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
ADEA - Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
ADEOS - Advanced Earth Observing Satellite
ADP - Automatic Data Processing
ADR - Alternate Dispute Resolution
ADS - Action Document Summary
ADS-B - Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast
AFB - Air Force Base
AFE - Association of Facilities Engineers
AFS - Air Force Station
AFTI - Advanced Fighter Technology Integration
AGATE - Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments
AHEAD - American Higher Education Association for the Disabled
AIAA - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIChE - American Institute of Chemical Engineers
AIHEC - American Indian Higher Education Consortium
AIN - Accounting Installation Number
AIS - Automated Information System
AISES - American Indian Science and Engineering Society
AISTEC - American Indian Science Technology Education Consortium
ALT - Approach and Landing Tests
AMF - Astronauts Memorial Foundation
AMS - Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer; Acquisition Management Subsystem
ANOSCA - Advance Notice of Significant Contract Action
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
AO - Announcement of Opportunity
APM - Advanced Project Management
APNASA - Average Passage NASA
ARC - Ames Research Center
ARIA - Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft
ARMD - Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate
ARTT - Advanced Reusable Transportation Technology
ASAP - Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel
ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (Italian Space Agency)
ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASM - Acquisition Strategy Meeting
ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers
AST - Advanced Subsonic Technology
ASTER - Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer
ASTP - Advanced Space Technology Program
ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode
AXAF - Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility
BAA - Broad Area Announcement
BCAT - Binary Colloidal Alloy Test
BOA - Basic Ordering Agreement
BOC - Base Operations Contracts
BPR - Business Process Reengineering
BWB - Blended Wing Body
CAAS - Contracted Advisory and Assistance Services
CaLV - Cargo Launch Vehicle
CAN - Cooperative Agreement Notice
CAO - Chief Acquisition Officer; Contract Administration Office
CAS - Computational Aerosciences
CAS - Contract Administration Services; Cost Accounting Standards
CBD - Commerce Business Daily
CBP - Construction of Facilities Best Practices
CCA - Core Capability Assessment
CCI - Consolidated Contract Initiative
CCL - Correspondence Control Liaison
CCR - Central Contractor Registration
CCS - Center Chief of Security
CDL - Crossing Department Lines
CDP - Candidate Development Program
CDR - Critical Design Review
CCDS - Center for the Commercial Development of Space
CEC - Contractor Establishment Code
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
CEOS - Committee on Earth Observing Satellites
CER - Combined Electrical Readiness
CERES - Clouds and Earth's Radiation Energy System
CEV - Crew Exploration Vehicle
CFC - Combined Federal Campaign
CFO - Chief Financial Officer
CFR - Code of Federal Regulations
CHeX - Confined Helium Experiment
CIAM - Central Institute of Aviation Motors
CIC - Capital Investment Council; Contractor Identification Code
CICA - Competition in Contracting Act
CID - Commercial Item Description
CIO - Chief Information Officer
CKPI - Communicate Knowledge Process Improvement
CLAES - Cryogenic Limb Array Etalon Spectrometer
CLCS - Checkout and Launch Control System
CMC - Ceramic Matrix Composite
CMOS - Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CNES - Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (France) National Center for Space Studies
CNN - Cable News Network
CNSI - Classified National Security Information
CO - Contracting Officer
COBE - Cosmic Background Explorer
COF - Construction of Facility
COOP - Continuity of Operations Plans
COP - Consolidated Operations Plan
COTR - Contracting Officer?s Technical Representative
COSPAR - Committee on Space Research
COTS - Commercial Off-the-Shelf
COUP - Consolidated Operations and Utilization Plan
CPAF - Cost Plus Award Fee
CPIF - Cost Plus Incentive Fee
CPSC - Consumer Product Safety Commission
CPSR - Contractor Purchasing System Review
CQA - Code Quality Advisor
CRA - Civil Rights Act of 1991
CRE - Cosmic Radiation Effect
CS - Competitive Sourcing
CSA - Canadian Space Agency
CSGT - Ceramic Stationary Gas Turbine
CSIRO - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (Australia)
CSOC - Consolidated Space Operations Contract
CST - Combined Systems Test
CUP - Consolidated Utilization Plan
CWBS - Contract Work Breakdown Structure
DAAC - Distributed Active Archive Centers
DAR - Defense Acquisition Regulation
DARC - Defense Acquisition Regulation Council
DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DARTFire - Diffusion and Radiative Transport in Fires
DCAA - Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCAM - Diffusion-Controlled Apparatus for Microgravity
DCMA - Defense Contract Management Agency
DC-XA - Delta Clipper-Experimental Advanced
DDT&E - Design, Development, Test, and Evaluation
DFRC - Dryden Flight Research Center
DIS - Data and Information System
DISA - Defense Information Systems Agency
DISC - Diversified International Sciences Corporation
DLA - Defense Logistics Agency
DLR - German Aerospace Research Establishment (Germany)
DMSP - Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
DOC - Department of Commerce
DOD - Department of Defense
DOE - Department of Energy
DOI - Department of the Interior
DOJ - Department of Justice
DOS - Department of State
DOT - Department of Transportation
DSN - Deep Space Network
DTIC - Defense Technology Information Center
DUNS - Data Universal Numbering System
DUSD - Deputy Undersecretary of Defense
E&Y - Ernst and Young
EC - Electronic Commerce
ECA-PMO - Electronic Commerce for Acquisition-Program Management Office
ECAT - Electronic Commerce Acquisition Team
ECLS - Environmental Control and Life Support
ECLSS - Environmental Control and Life Support System
ED - Department of Education
EDEP - Employee Development Education Panel
EDI - Electronic Data Interchange; Enterprise Development Innovation
EDOS - EOS Data and Operations System
EELV - Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle
EEO - Equal Employment Opportunity
EEOA - Equal Employment Opportunity Act
EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EEOC-MD - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission-Management Directive
EIS - Executive Information System; Environmental Impact Statement
ELV - Expendable Launch Vehicle
EMS - Environmental Management Systems
EO - Executive Order
EOB - Equal Opportunity Board
EODMP - Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Plan
EOM - Equal Opportunity Manager
EOO - Equal Opportunity Officer
EOS - Earth Observing System; Equal Opportunity Specialist
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
EPCS - Employee Performance and Communication System
ERAST - Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology (Program)
ERBE - Earth Radiation Budget Experiment
ERBS - Earth Radiation Budget Satellite
ERS-1 - European Remote Sensing Satellite - 1
ESA - European Space Agency
ESMD - Exploration Systems Mission Directorate
ESSP - Earth Space Sciences Project; Earth Science System Pathfinder
ESSAAC - Earth System Science and Applications Advisory Committee
ESSPO - Earth Science Systems Program Office
ET - External Tank
ETM - Extended Thematic Mapper
EVA - Extravehicular Activity
EVMS - Earned Value Management System
FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
FAAD - Federal Assistance Award Data System
FAC - Federal Acquisition Circular; Financial Audit Committee
FACNET - Federal Acquisition Computer Network
FACS - Financial and Contractual System
FACTS - Federal Agencies' Centralized Trial-Balance System
FAME - Facilities Management Excellence
FAR - Faculty Awards for Research; Federal Acquisition Regulation
FARA - Federal Acquisition Reform Act
FASA - Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act
FASAB - Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBWT - Fund Balance with Treasury
FCC - Federal Communications Commission
FDR - Federal Dispute Resolution
FEL - First Element Launch (Space Station)
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
FFP - Firm Fixed Price
FIAT - Fan/Inlet Acoustic Technology
FIPS - Federal Information Processing Standards
FIRST - For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology
FISMA - Federal Information Security Management Act
FLRA - Fair Labor Relations Act
FMM - Financial Management Manual
FOIA - Freedom of Information Act
FPDC - Federal Procurement Data Center
FPDS - Federal Procurement Data System
FPDS - NG - Federal Procurement Data System - Next Generation
FPIF - Fixed Price Incentive Fee
FR - Federal Register
FRR - Flight Readiness Review
FSS - Federal Supply Schedule
FTC - Federal Trade Commission
FUSE - Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopy Explorer
FY - Fiscal Year
GAO - Government Accountability Office
GAP - General Aviation Propulsion
GBS - Global Broadcasting System
GEM - National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science, Inc.
GFP - Government Furnished Property
GIC - Grant Information Circular
GISS - Goddard Institute for Space Studies
GN - Grant Notice
GOES - Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
GPO - Government Printing Office
GPP - Government Performance Project
GPRA - Government Performance and Results Act of 1993; GPRA - Government Performance Review Act
GPS - Global Positioning [Satellite] System
GRACE - Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
GRB - Gamma Ray Bursts
GRC - Glenn Research Center
GRO - Gamma Ray Observatory
GSA - General Services Administration
GSFC - Goddard Space Flight Center
GSRP - Graduate Student Researcher Program
HACU - Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities
HALOE - Halogen Occultation Experiment
HARV - High Angle-of-Attack Research Vehicle
HATS - Headquarters Action Tracking System
HBCU - Historically Black Colleges and Universities
HEA - Higher Education Act of 1965
HISTEC - High-Stability Engine Control
HPCC - High-Performance Computing and Communications
HPCCP - High-Performance Computing and Communications Program
HQ - Headquarters
HRDI - High-Resolution Doppler Imager
HSCT - High-Speed Civil Transport
HSF - Human Space Flight
HSI - Hispanic Serving Institutions
HSR - High Speed Research
HST - Hubble Space Telescope
HUD - Department of Housing and Urban Development
HXLV - Hyper-X Launch Vehicle
IA - Independent Agencies
I/T - Inner Tank
IAF - International Astronautical Federation
IAIC - Interagency Acquisition Internet Council
IAR - Independent Annual Review
ICAF - Industrial College of the Armed Forces
ICAR - Individual Contract Action Report
ICASS - International Cooperative Administrative Support Services
ICM - Interim Control Module (Space Station)
IDA - Institute for Defense Analyses
IDC - Indefinite Delivery Contract
IDP - Individual Development Plan
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IELV - Intermediate Expendable Launch Vehicle
IEMP - Integrated Enterprise Management Program
IFM - Integrated Financial Management
IFMP - Integrated Financial Management Program
IG - Inspector General
IGA - Intergovernmental Agreement
IHE - Institutions of Higher Education
IHTET - Integrated High Turbine Engine Technology
IITA - Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications
IMSPG - International Microgravity Strategic Planning Group
INPE - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (Brazil) or National Institute for Space Research
IP - Intellectual Property
IPM - International Project Management
IPO - Institutional Program Office
IPP - Innovative Partnership Program
IPR - Intellectual Property Rights
IRA - Institutional Research Awards
IRT - Icing Research Tunnel
ISAMS - Improved Stratospheric and Mesospheric Sounder
ISAS - Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (Japan)
ISO - International Organization of Standardization
ISS - International Space Station
ISSEC - International Space Station as an Engineering Center
ISSP - International Space Station Program
IST - Institute of Simulation and Training
ISU - International Space University
ITA - Independent Technical Authority; Integrated Threat Assessment
ITALSAT - Italian Ka-Band Satellite
ITCOP - Interagency Tracking and Communications Panel
IV&V - Independent Verification and Validation
IVAS - Innovative Ventricular Assist System
IWDP - Individuals with Disabilities Program
IWG - Investigators Working Group
JAXA - Japanese Aeronautics Exploration Agency
JBOSC - Joint Base Operations and Support Contract
JCWS - Johnson Controls World Services
JERS-1 - Japanese Earth Remote-Sensing Satellite - 1
JOFOC - Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition
JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory (California Institute of Technology)
JSC - Johnson Space Center
JSF - Joint Strike Fighter
JSMB - Joint Space Management Board
JSRA - Joint Sponsored Research Agreement
JWST - James Webb Space Telescope
KSC - Kennedy Space Center
LAN - Local Area Network
LaRC - Langley Research Center
LASRE - Linear Aerospike Experiment; Linear Aerospike SR-71 Engine
LCAP - Laser Cooling and Atomic Physics
LED - Light Emitted Diode
LERD - Limited Exclusive Rights Data
LIS - Lightning Imaging Sensor
LM - Lockheed Martin
LME - Liquid Motion in a Rotating Tank Experiment
LOE - Level of Effort
LRR - Launch Readiness Review
LTSA - Long-Term Space Astrophysics
MAF - Michoud Assembly Facility
MASTAP - Mathematics, Science and Technology Awards for Teachers and Curriculum Enhancement Programs
MBP - Master Buy Plan
MCB - Multilateral Control Board
M-CEP - Multicultural Education Program
MEM - Micro-ElectroMechanical System
MEP - Management Education Program
MGS - Mars Global Surveyor
MI - Minority Institution
MIE - Minority Institutions of Excellence
MIP - Managing the Influence Process
MIPR - Military Interagency Procurement Request
MIS - Management Information System
MISR - Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer
MLC - Multicultural Leadership Council
MLP - Mobile Launcher Platform; Multicultural Leadership Program
MOA - Memorandum of Agreement
MODIS - Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
MOLA - Mars Orbiting Laser Altimeter
MOPITT - Measurement of Pollution in the Troposphere
MOS - Marine Observation Satellite (Japan)
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
MPM - Multi-Project Management
MSFC - Marshall Space Flight Center
MSPB - Merit Systems Protection Board
MTLO - Moscow Technical Liaison Office
MURC - Minority University Research Center
MUREP - Minority University Research and Education Program
MU-SPIN - Minority University-Space Interdisciplinary Network
NAC - NASA Advisory Council
NAE - National Academy of Engineering
NAFEO - National Association for Equal Opportunity on Higher Education
NAIS - NASA Acquisition Internet Service
NAPA - National Academy of Public Administration
NARA - National Archives and Records Administration
NAS - National Academy of Sciences; Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation; Naval Air Station
NASA-CIAM - NASA-Central Institute Aviation Motors
NASM - National Air and Space Museum
NCC - National Combustor Code
NCDC - National Climatic Data Center
NEAR - Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous
NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act
NESC - NASA Engineering Support Center
NESDIS - National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service
NFS - NASA FAR Supplement
NGDC - National Geophysical Data Center
NGI - Next Generation Internet
NGST - New Generation Space Telescope
NICMOS - Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer
NIMA - National Imagery and Mapping Agency
NLR - National Aerospace Laboratory (The Netherlands)
NMO - NASA Management Office, JPL
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NODC - National Oceanographic Data Center
NODIS - NASA Online Directives System
NPD - NASA Policy Directive
NPMS - NASA Procurement Management System
NPOESS - National Polar-Orbiting Environmental Satellite System
NPR - NASA Procedural Requirements; National Performance Review
NPSS - Numerical Propulsion System Simulation
NQA - National Quality Assurance
NRA - NASA Research Announcement
NRC - National Research Council
NRO - National Reconnaissance Office
NRTS - Network Resources Training Sites
NSCAT - NASA Scatterometer
NSCP - National Space Communications Program
NSF - National Science Foundation
NSROC - NASA Sounding Rocket Operations
NSRS - NASA Safety Reporting System
NSSC - NASA Shared Services Center
NSTA - National Science Teachers Association
NSTC - National Science and Technology Council
NTA - National Technical Association
NTSB - National Transportation and Safety Board
OAI - Ohio Aerospace Institute
OARE - Orbital Acceleration Research Experiment
ODIN - Outsourcing Desktop Initiative for NASA
OFPP - Office of Federal Procurement Policy
OHSEB - Occupational Health and Safety Executive Board
OIG - Office of Inspector General
OIRA - Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
OMB - Office of Management and Budget
OMC - Operations Management Council
OMU - Other Minority Universities
ONR - Office of Naval Research
OPM - Office of Personnel Management
OSC - Office of Special Council; Orbital Sciences Corporation
OSDBU - Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
OSHA - Occupational, Safety, and Health Administration
OSMA - Office of Safety and Mission Assurance
OSPP - Office of Security and Program Protection
OSTP - Office of Science and Technology Policy
OWBPA - Older Workers Benefit Protection Act of 1990
P&W - Pratt and Whitney
PA - Privacy Act
PACE - Pre-College Awards for Excellence in Mathematics, Science, Engineering, and Technology
PAIP - Professional Administrative Intern Program
PAO - Public Affairs Officer
PAPCPT - Provide Aerospace Products and Capabilities Process Team
PAR - Performance and Accountability Report
PART - Program Assessment Rating Tool
PAVE - Project Announcement Viability Effort
PBC - Performance-Based Contracting; Procurement-Based Contracting
PBS - Public Broadcasting System
PCA - Program Commitment Agreement
PCG - Protein Crystal Growth
PCM - Procurement Contract Management
PDC - Project Design Center
PDI - Professional Development Initiative
PDP - Professional Development Program
PDR - Preliminary Design Review
PEM - Particle Environment Monitor; Pacific Exploratory Mission
PHSF - Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility
PI - Principal Investigator
PIC - Procurement Information Circular
PIN - Procurement Installation Number
PIWG - Propulsion Instrumentation Working Group
PM - Project Manager
PMA - President's Management Agenda
PMA2 - Pressurized Mating Adapter
PMC - Polyimide Matrix Composites; Program Management Council; President?s Management Council
PMDP - Project Management Development Process
PMDR - Procurement Management Data Report
PMRF - Pacific Missile Range Facilities
PMTP - Procurement Management Technology Program
PN - Procurement Notice
PO - Procurement Officer
POC - Point of Contact
POCC - Payload Operating Control Center
POES - Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellite
POP - Place of Performance
PP&E - Property, Plant, and Equipment
PPC - Procurement Placement Code
PPMI - Program/Project Management Initiative
PR - Purchase Request; Procurement Request
PROGM - Program Management
PRS - Performance Requirement?s Summary
PSP - Performance Surveillance Plan
PUP - Partner Utilization Plan
PWBS - Project Work Breakdown Structure
PWS - Performance Work Statement
QCL - Quality Correspondence Liaison
R&D - Research and Development
RA - Rehabilitation Act of 1973
RAS - Royal Aeronautical Society
REE - Remote Exploration and Experimentation
RFI - Request for Information
RFO - Request for Offers
RFP - Request for Proposals
RLEP - Robotic Lunar Exploration Program
RLV - Reusable Launch Vehicle
ROSKOSMOS - Russian Federal Space Agency
RSRM - Redesigned Solid Rocket Motor
SAES - Solar Array Electrical Simulator
SAGE - Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment
SAM - Software Acquisition Management
SAT - Simplified Acquisition Threshold
SB - Small Business
SBA - Small Business Administration
SBD - Small Business Development
SBIR - Small Business Innovation Research
SCA - Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
SCAR - Summary Contract Action Report
SDB - Small and Disadvantaged Business
SDOM - Station Development and Operations Meeting
SEB - Source Evaluation Board
SECME - Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering
SELARC - Strategic Enterprise George M. Low Award Review Council
SELENE - Selenological and Engineering Explorer
SEMAA - Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Aerospace Academy
SEP - Senior Executive Program
SES - Senior Executive Service
SESCDP - Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program
SEUAS - Structure and Evolution of the Universe Advisory Subcommittee
SEWP - Scientific and Engineering Work Package
SFOC - Space Flight Operations Contract
SIC - Standard Industrial Classification
SII - Scientific Instruments, Inc.
SLC-3E - Space Launch Complex 3 East
SLFC - Supersonic Laminar Flow Control
SLWT - Super Lightweight Tank (Shuttle)
SMA - Safety and Mission Assurance
SMC - Strategic Management Council
SMD - Science Mission Directorate
SN - Space Network
SNOE - Student Nitrous Oxide Experiment
SOHO - Solar Heliospheric Observatory
SOMD - Space Operations Mission Directorate
SOMO - Space Operations Management Office
SOREV - Surface Operations Research/Evaluation Vehicle
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure; System Operations Panel
SOW - Statement of Work
SPI - Single Process Initiative
SR&QA - Safety Reliability and Quality Assurance
SRA - Systems Research Aircraft
SRB - Solicitation Review Board; Solid Rocket Booster
SRBA - Sponsored Research Business Activity
SRTM - Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
SS - Sources Sought
SSA - Source Selection Authority
SSC - Stennis Space Center
SSCB - Space Station Control Board
SSDI - Solid State Devices, Inc.
SSES - Solar System Exploration Subcommittee
SSME - Space Shuttle Main Engine
SSUB - Space Station Utilization Board
STAC - (US-Russian) Science and Technology Advisory Council
STC - Science and Technology Corporation
STI - Scientific and Technical Information
STIS - Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph
STS - Space Transportation System
STTR - Small Technology Transfer Research
SUSIM - Solar Ultraviolet Spectral Irradiance Monitor
T&M - Time and Materials
TBC - Thermal Barrier Coatings
TCDT - Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test
TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCU - Tribal Colleges and Universities
TDI - Transistor Devices, Inc.
TDRSS - Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System
THE - The Human Element
TIN - Taxpayer Identification Number
TM - Task Management; Technical Monitor
TMP - Technology Maturation Program
TO - Technical Officer
TOMS - Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer
TPM - Topics in Project Management
TRC - Technical Review Committee
TRMM - Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission
TROR - Treasury Report on Receivables
TRR - Test Readiness Review
TSPM - Topics in Software Program Management
UARS - Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite
UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/Unmanned Aerospace Vehicle
UCA - Undefinitized Contract Action
UOP - User Operations Panel
URC - University Research Center
URC-TC - University Research Centers? Technical Conference
URL - Uniform Resource Locator
URLabs - Unified Research Laboratories
USA - United Space Alliance
USAR - Undergraduate Student Awards for Research
USBI - United States Boosters, Inc.
USIP - United States Innovation Partnership
USPS - United States Postal System
USRA - Universities Space Research Association
UTC - United Technologies Corporation
VA - (Department of) Veterans Affairs
VAN - Value-Added Network
VCE - Visual Computing Environment
VCL - Vegetation Canopy Lidar
VE - Value Engineering
VECP - Value Engineering Change Proposal
ViTS - Video Teleconferencing System
VLAB - Virtual Laboratory
VLBI - Very Long Baseline Interferometry
VOA - Voice of America
WAAS - Wide Area Augmentation System
WAN - Wide Area Network
WBS - Work Breakdown Schedule
WDC - Workforce Diversity Council
WFF - Wallops Flight Facility
WHIO - White House Initiatives Office
WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization
WOSB - Woman-Owned Small Business
WSTF - White Sands Test Facility
WWW - World Wide Web
ZAP - Z-Axis Precession
ZBR - Zero-Based Review

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