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NPR 3300.1C
Effective Date: November 01, 2015
Expiration Date: December 01, 2023
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Subject: Employment, Appointment Authorities, and Details

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer

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Chapter 6. Detail Assignments

6.1 Procedures

6.1.1 Details under this chapter can be approved to the following types of external organizations: The White House (including the Executive Office of the President and the Office of Science and Technology Policy), Congressional committees/staffs, Federal agencies, military, and non-Federal organizations permitted under the IPA. NASA employees are not authorized to be detailed to entities in private industry.

6.1.2 Details should not exceed two years. Requests to extend a detail beyond two years will include an explanation of why the extension is in the best interest of the Agency and the external organization.

6.1.3 When an external organization requests the services of an Agency employee and the request is not for a specific employee, the Center Director shall consult with the Administrator or Deputy Administrator prior to deciding on a detailee that best meets the needs of the request and/or whether or not the Agency can support the request.

6.1.4 HR Offices will obtain the following information from the gaining agency or department about the detail:

a. The employee's name.

b. Title.

c. Grade and salary.

d. Location of current and proposed assignment.

e. Reimbursement or non-reimbursement information.

f. Required security clearance information.

g. Need for the detail.

h. A statement of work to be performed or a position description.

i. Duration (beginning and ending dates) of the detail.

6.1.5 For details incoming to the Agency, the HR Office will obtain the information above and:

a. Notify the appropriate security officer of arrival and departure dates of the detailee.

b. If reimbursable, ensure a purchase request is processed to transfer funds upon completion of a satisfactory detail.

c. Provide any required travel orders (unless otherwise provided for in the agreement).

d. Submit time and attendance reports to the losing agency or department.

6.2 Detail Assignments in the Washington, DC, Area Require Administrator Approval

6.2.1 Management officials shall obtain advance written approval from the Administrator for all details or extension of details of Agency personnel to external organizations within the Washington, DC, area. For this purpose, the Washington, DC, area includes the District of Columbia and the surrounding area within a 50-mile radius.

6.2.2 Management requests for approval will be submitted to the Chief Human Capital Officer for processing.

6.2.3 Prior to submitting the request to the AA, OCHCO, coordination/concurrence from the Offices of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs and/or International and Interagency Relations is necessary when:

a. Employees are assigned to Congressional committees or staffs.

b. Employees are assigned to international organizations.

6.2.4 Management officials shall submit requests with the following information at least

30 calendar days in advance of the proposed effective date:

a. Employee's name.

b. Center and organization.

c. Position title, series, grade, and length of time in current position.

d. Supervisor's name/title.

e. External organization's name, location, and point of contact.

f. Proposed title (if applicable).

g. Proposed starting and ending date of assignment.

h. Brief description of the duties (include the purpose of the assignment and how it will benefit NASA).

i. Brief summary of the employee's work history (include number of years with NASA, attach a resume/summary).

j. Center Director's recommendation.

k. Center Director's signature and date.

Note: Requests submitted with less than a 30-day notice (or after the start of the detail), should include written documentation between the requestor (i.e., Center Director or Headquarters OIC) and the Office of the Administrator stating why the request is delayed and acceptance/informal approval to proceed.

6.2.5 Rotational details that are components of formal Agency development programs (e.g., Mid-Level Leader Programs, Presidential Management Fellows (PMFs), and SES Candidate Development Programs) do not require the Administrator's advance approval.

6.2.6 Centers are required to report rotational details to the Chief Human Capital Officer. The following information will be provided:

a. Employee's name.

b. Center/organization.

c. Name of external organization, location, and point of contact's name and number.

d. Start and end date of the detail.

e. Short description of the assignment and the developmental objective.

6.2.7 The non-reimbursable interagency detail of employees requires the approval of the appropriate appointing authorities, in coordination with the responsible officials of other agencies and departments (e.g., HR, Budget/Finance, General Counsel, and Security).

6.3 Processing and Documenting Details

6.3.1 HR Offices shall document the detail assignments of Agency employees to external organizations or departments (whether internal or external to NASA), with the exception of participants in formal developmental programs, by processing the appropriate personnel action in the Federal Personnel and Payroll System (FPPS) as outlined below. Non-Competitive Details

a. OPM requires documentation (processing of personnel actions) for the following types of details (Reference the Guide to Processing Personnel Actions, Chapter 14, Table 14-A):

(1) Detail to an assignment under the authority of the IPA.

(2) Detail to international organizations.

(3) Detail to a position that is different (either series, grade, or duties) than the employee's current position and is for more than 30 days.

(4) Detail to any position for more than 120 days.

b. FPPS is the authoritative data source for employee information; it is used by other systems to grant employee/supervisory access to Agency systems. The processing of personnel actions ensures that employees on details receive appropriate emergency notifications and access to NASA systems.

c. In addition, Center HR Offices shall document the following details:

(1) Details of any employee into a supervisory position whether they are currently a supervisor or not, regardless of duration.

(2) Details greater than 30 days to a different organization or work location. Competitive Details

a. Details for more than 120 days to a higher graded position with higher promotion potential are subject to competitive placement procedures (5 CFR 335.103(c) (2).

b. Centers may limit the area of consideration on job announcements for competitive details to the employing organization or directorate.

c. Centers may establish local written procedures for announcing competitive details.

d. In accordance with 5 CFR 335, staffing case files must provide sufficient documentation to reconstruct the action (e.g., evidence of applicant search, referral, and selection process).

Note: Employees do not need to meet minimum qualifications for details; however, if the position has a positive education requirement, candidates must meet the prescribed requirements.

6.4 Reporting Requirements

6.4.1 Regardless of whether the detail is reimbursable or non-reimbursable, the employee is still counted in the Monthly Report of Full-Time Equivalent/Work Year Civilian Employment (SF-113G) of the losing agency or department. This is not negotiable in interagency agreements.

6.4.2 HR Directors shall provide reports to the AA, OCHCO as prescribed by the OCHCO Program Manager to supplement data available in the FPPS, including a brief description of detail assignments. Details covered by this reporting requirement include: interagency details; details under the IPA; and any other appropriate agreements for sending NASA employees to external organizations, as well as details of NASA employees on rotational assignments as part of Agency-funded developmental programs, such as the Mid-Level Leader, PMFs, and the SES Candidate Development Programs.

6.4.3 The Chief Human Capital Officer will prepare a consolidated report outlining Agency employees on external details and forward to the Administrator's Office.

6.4.4 Center HR Offices will maintain records on incoming and outgoing details for a period of two years beyond the ending date of the detail. Documentation will include:

a. Name of detailee.

b. Organization to which detailed (if a NASA employee) or organization from which detailed (if a non-NASA employee).

c. Period of detail.

d. Whether or not the detail was reimbursable.

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