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NPR 7500.2A
Effective Date: June 16, 2022
Expiration Date: June 16, 2027
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Subject: NASA Technology Transfer Requirements

Responsible Office: Space Technology Mission Directorate

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Chapter 7: Tracking Licensing Results

7.1 Tracking Partnerships and Technology Transfer Licenses

All active licenses should be monitored by the Center Technology Transfer Officer or delegate to ensure that terms, such as commercialization schedule and milestones, are met. If terms are not being met, the license can be terminated (in accordance with procedures set forth in the license). In the case of exclusive licenses, this means the patents/copyrights could be licensed to another party for the same field of use.

7.2 Reporting Success Stories

7.2.1 The Center Technology Transfer Officer shall, to the extent feasible, collect and review available information on technology transfer partnerships to determine if that partnership has produced any significant commercialization results that could lead to a NASA "Success Story."

7.2.2 Technology transfer success stories are defined as those technology transfer partnerships that have achieved a practical application of the related NASA technological asset. At least one of the following impacts should have resulted from the acknowledged use:

a. Commercial sales;

b. Cost savings/avoidance;

c. Private investment;

d. Jobs created/saved;

e. Quality of life and health improvement;

f. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) sales of product, services to the private sector;

g. SBIR/STTR Phase III contracts within the federal Government;

h. Public safety improvements;

i. New or improved products/processes; or

j. New markets or market expansion.

7.2.3 Once identified, success stories should be reported to the Technology Transfer Program Executive.

7.2.4 Selected success stories are published in NASA Spinoff, Innovation Magazine and on the NASA Technology Transfer Portal, which can be accessed at http://technology.nasa.gov

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