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NPR 8553.1C
Effective Date: July 20, 2020
Expiration Date: July 20, 2025
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Subject: NASA Environmental Management System

Responsible Office: Office of Strategic Infrastructure

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Appendix C. Documented Information

Policies, procedures, documents, and records required by this NPR, the Agency, the Center, and/or external compliance obligations will be readily available.

C.1 Agency Level

a. All applicable NPDs and NPRs (see Appendix D).

b. NASA Environmental Policy.

c. Metrics for Agency-level requirements.

d. Procedures for conducting Environmental and Energy Functional Reviews (EEFRs).

e. Results of EMD HQ EEFRs.

f. Declarations of Conformance.

C.2 NASA Centers

a. A scope that defines the boundaries for the Environmental Management System (EMS) and exclusions from the scope.

b. Environmental policies that set the overall goals for the EMS.

c. Assignment of roles, responsibilities, and authorities for implementation and maintenance of the EMS.

d. Identified risks and opportunities.

e. Planning processes to address the risks and opportunities.

f. Environmental aspects and associated impacts.

g. Criteria used to determine significance.

h. Significant aspects, as determined by the Center following the process in Chapter 3.

i. Compliance obligations.

j. The objectives and targets established to initiate continual improvement in environmental performance.

k. Environmental Management Programs (EMPs) to achieve objectives and targets.

l. EMS and environmental training requirements and procedures.

m. Training records and other evidence to confirm the competence of personnel.

n. Records of internal and external communication.

o. Operational controls.

p. Records required by operational controls.

q. Emergency response procedures.

r. Records of emergency response exercises and response to actual emergencies.

s. Results of monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation of performance.

t. Records to confirm that calibrated/verified monitoring and measurement equipment is used and maintained.

u. Compliance evaluation results.

v. Evidence of implementation of an internal EMS audit program.

w. Internal EMS audit results.

x. Management review minutes and recommendations.

y. Identified findings of nonconformance or noncompliance and corrective actions assigned.

z. Results of corrective actions.

aa. The EMS manual (or other documents), which describe the EMS elements and their interaction, as developed, implemented, and maintained by the Center.

bb. Policies and procedures that provide overall direction for the Center’s processes.

cc. This NPR and other procedures that support and provide details of the Center’s processes, particularly those related to the high-priority aspects (operational controls).

dd. Records that document the results of EMS activities and documents and records required by this NPR.

ee. EMS procedures applicable to partners, tenants, contractors, contractor operated facilities, grant recipients, and parties to agreements.

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