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NPR 8553.1C
Effective Date: July 20, 2020
Expiration Date: July 20, 2025
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Subject: NASA Environmental Management System

Responsible Office: Office of Strategic Infrastructure

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Chapter 6. Performance Evaluation

6.1 Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis, and Evaluation

6.1.1 Center management shall establish, implement, and maintain procedures to evaluate environmental performance and the effectiveness of the EMS.

6.1.2 Center management shall ensure that the key characteristics of operations associated with EMS objectives and targets, environmental aspects, and compliance obligations are tracked, monitored, and measured.

6.1.3 Center management shall establish procedures to identify:

a. What is required to be monitored and measured (e.g., progress in implementing EMPs, hazardous waste generation, spills).

b. The method(s) to be used for monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation.

c. The criteria against which environmental performance is evaluated and appropriate performance indicators.

d. The frequency of performance of monitoring and measurement.

6.1.4 Center management shall ensure that documented information to verify that required monitoring and measurement is performed and appropriate analysis and evaluation completed is retained.

6.1.5 NASA HQ EMD shall establish and implement a schedule for the documenting and reporting of metrics for Agency-level requirements.

6.1.6 Center management shall ensure that equipment used for monitoring and measurement is appropriately maintained and calibrated and calibration records are maintained.

6.2 Evaluation of Compliance

6.2.1 Center management shall develop, implement, and maintain a procedure to describe the methods used to evaluate performance against all applicable compliance obligations. The procedure should ensure that all requirements identified in Section 3.3 of this NPR are evaluated for compliance.

6.2.2 HQ EMD shall lead Environmental and Energy Functional Reviews (EEFRs) that include an environmental compliance evaluation every 3 years, in accordance with the requirements of NPD 1210.2, NASA Surveys, Audits, and Reviews Policy.

6.2.3 Center management shall support HQ EMD-led EEFRs as necessary to ensure that Center programs, projects, facilities, systems, and operations are adequately evaluated for compliance with all environmental compliance obligations.

6.2.4 Center management shall conduct annual, internal environmental compliance evaluations during the years that HQ EMD-led EEFRs are not conducted and ensure:

a. Performance against all compliance obligations (as identified in Section 3.3) is reviewed over a 3-year period.

b. Personnel performing evaluations of compliance are competent.

c. The compliance evaluation process and results of the evaluation of compliance are retained as documented information.

6.2.5 If the Center utilizes the HQ EEFR for part of its internal compliance evaluation, Center management shall coordinate its audit schedule with the HQ EEFR to ensure that all appropriate requirements and appropriate organizational elements are evaluated within the 3-year period.

6.3 Internal Audit

6.3.1 Each NASA Center Director shall ensure support to the HQ EMD-led EEFRs as necessary to ensure that Center programs, projects, facilities, systems, and operations comply with all environmental requirements, including requirements of this NPR.

6.3.2 Center management shall establish and maintain programs and procedures for annual internal EMS audits that:

a. Address the responsibilities and requirements for the determination of the internal audit criteria, scope, and methods.

b. Ensure that the audit addresses the high-priority aspects, changes potentially affecting the Center, and the results of previous audits.

6.2.3 Center management shall conduct annual internal EMS audits in the years that HQ EMD led EEFRs are not conducted. When conducting their annual EMS audits, Centers may utilize the NASA EMS Checklist.

6.3.4 In conducting the annual EMS audits, Center management shall internally review all elements of its EMS for conformance with this NPR, as applicable to all organizations within the scope of the EMS, over a 3-year period.

a. Center management will consider results of previous HQ EMD-led EEFRs, Center-led annual EMS audits, and annual compliance evaluations when conducting EMS internal audits.

6.3.5 The HQ EMD shall conduct an EEFR every 3 years. Results of previous EEFRs will be considered by the HQ EMD when conducting EEFRs.

6.3.6 HQ EMD shall provide documented information regarding the results of annual internal audits, compliance evaluations, and EEFRs to Center senior management.

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