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NPR 8553.1C
Effective Date: July 20, 2020
Expiration Date: July 20, 2025
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Subject: NASA Environmental Management System

Responsible Office: Office of Strategic Infrastructure

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Chapter 4. Support

4.1 Resources

Center management shall provide the resources needed for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving the EMS. Resources required for the EMS should include human resources, organizational infrastructure, technology, and funding.

4.2 Competence and Awareness

4.2.1 Competence Center management shall identify requirements to ensure that all persons working within the scope of the EMS whose work affects the Center's environmental performance and its ability to fulfill its compliance obligations are competent, on the basis of education, training, or experience. Personnel engaged in activities associated with the Center's environmental aspects or EMS will receive appropriate education, training, or experience, as determined by the Center. Center management shall identify and retain as documented information:

a. Training mandated by compliance obligations.

b. Those who need to be trained and those who will do the training.

c. A description of how the environmental training will be accomplished; how often the training is required; and which EMS element, high-priority aspect, or compliance obligation is driving the training.

4.2.2 Awareness Center management shall ensure personnel working within the scope of the EMS are provided training to ensure they are aware of the following:

a. Agency-level and Center-specific environmental policies.

b. High-priority environmental aspects associated with their work.

c. Applicable training requirements.

d. Their responsibility to contribute to the effectiveness of the EMS, including the benefits of improved environmental performance.

e. The risks associated with not meeting EMS requirements, including not fulfilling the Center's compliance obligations. Center management shall ensure that the procurement statement of work for any contractor operation included in the scope of the EMS specifies training requirements, which employees require training, how contractor employees can obtain training, and how and where contractor employees will maintain training records. The management office responsible for procurement actions shall ensure contractor training records are maintained in accordance with NPR 1441.1, NASA Records Management Program Requirements, section 4.5.

4.3 Communication

4.3.1 Center management shall establish, implement, and maintain procedures for internal and external communication related to environmental aspects and the EMS including:

a. To whom it will communicate.

b. What it will communicate.

c. When to communicate.

d. How the communication should be accomplished.

4.3.2 Internal communication Center management shall ensure:

a. Information relevant to the EMS and compliance obligations is internally communicated among various organizational levels.

b. Its communication processes enable persons doing work under the organization's control to contribute to continual improvement.

c. Documented information is maintained to confirm required communication is completed.

4.3.3 External communication Center management shall ensure that:

a. Established communication procedures are followed in communicating with external parties.

b. Unless an authorized individual at the Center determines that disclosure of information regarding high-priority environmental aspects would harm an interest protected by one of the Freedom of Information Act exemptions or that disclosure is prohibited by law, information regarding environmental aspects will be provided to interested parties, if requested.

c. EMS requirements are documented within contracts no later than the time of the next contract competition.

d. Applicable EMS requirements are communicated to tenants, subject to the limitations of tenancy agreements.

4.4 Documented Information

4.4.1 Center Directors shall ensure the Center maintains all documented information required by this NPR including, but not limited to, the documentation listed in Appendix C, as well as:

a. An EMS manual (or other Center-level documents) that provides a description of the EMS elements and their interaction, as developed, implemented, and maintained by the Center.

b. Policies and procedures that provide overall direction for the Center's processes.

c. This NPR and other procedures that support and provide details of the Center's processes, particularly those related to the high-priority aspects (operational controls).

d. Records that document completion of compliance obligations, the results of EMS activities, and all documents and records required by this NPR.

4.4.2 Additional requirements for EMS documented information are located in Appendix C. In addition, each Center may establish local documentation requirements for its EMS.

4.5 Control of Documented Information

4.5.1 Center management shall establish control procedures for EMS documented information and ensure that:

a. EMS documented information is periodically reviewed and updated to ensure it is current and accurate.

b. Obsolete EMS documents are removed. Obsolete EMS documents that are retained for legal and/or historical reasons are identified with the reason for retention and archived.

c. EMS documents and documented procedures are:

(1) Legible.

(2) Dated (with dates of revision and a summary of changes).

(3) Readily available in locations where essential operations occur.

(4) Identifiable.

(5) Maintained in an orderly manner.

(6) Approved by appropriate Center management prior to issue.

d. Electronic or hardcopy versions of EMS documents under the Center EMS Representative's control meet the requirements of 4.5.1 c.

e. Documents of external origin determined by the Center to be a necessary component of the EMS, such as permits and other documents associated with compliance obligations, are identified as such and their distribution controlled.

4.5.2 Records Center management shall establish and maintain a records retention schedule for EMS records per NPR 1441.1 and ensure that:

a. Environmental records are legible, identifiable, and traceable to an activity, product, or service.

b. Environmental records are identified, maintained, and stored in a manner consistent with NPR 1441.1 that:

(1) Allows for their ready retrieval.

(2) Protects them from loss, damage, or deterioration.

(3) Provides for their appropriate disposal.

c. A list of records that have been identified as pertaining to the EMS is provided in Appendix C. The management office responsible for environmental compliance shall ensure that external compliance records are both maintained according to external requirements and readily available.

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