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NPR 3430.1D
Effective Date: October 19, 2016
Expiration Date: April 19, 2028
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Subject: Employee Performance and Communication System (EPCS) (Updated w/Change 3 on February 16, 2023)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer

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Chapter 1. Performance Management System

1.1 Overview

1.1.1 EPCS establishes a framework for planning, monitoring, developing, assessing, and rewarding employee performance. Agency procedural requirements for recognizing and rewarding performance are covered in NPR 3451.1.

1.1.2 EPCS creates a strategically linked set of performance expectations for all employees, promotes a performance culture that focuses on two-way communication and accountability for results, and is designed to clearly differentiate between higher level and fully successful performance.

1.1.3 Every employee will have an opportunity to demonstrate performance that meets or substantively exceeds the expectations in his/her performance plan; however, only those whose performance consistently exceeds the performance standards to a substantial degree for all critical performance elements will merit a distinguished summary rating. Forced distributions of ratings are not permitted and there is no limit on the number of or a quota for summary ratings.

1.1.4 The Agency Web-based system that supports EPCS is currently called the Standard Performance Appraisal Communication Environment (SPACE). This system was designed to:

a. Streamline the administration of performance management.

b. Improve accuracy and compliance of the EPCS process and timelines through real-time reporting and dashboard views for supervisors that provide clear status indicators.

c. Facilitate supervisor and employee communication about performance management.

d. Provide ways for employees to document their input into the EPCS process, through feedback on draft performance plans and self-assessments.

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