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NPR 3451.3
Effective Date: August 01, 2014
Expiration Date: August 01, 2025
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Subject: NASA Space Flight Awareness Program (Revalidated 12/1/20)

Responsible Office: Space Operations MD

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Appendix A. Definitions

SFA WG: Representatives from each participating NASA office, organization, and Field Center and POCs from SFA Contractors will work with the SFA PM to implement the plans and objectives of the SFA Program. The SFA WG's purpose is to assist and support the SFA PM; the group is not formed for the purpose of reaching consensus decisions, nor is it asked to do so, and the representatives and POCs provide individualized input. The PM consults or coordinates with the representatives or POCs when the PM deems it appropriate for a given discussion or task.

Space Flight Awareness (SFA) Contractor(s): Contractors having major responsibilities supporting NASA's human spaceflight mission success and whose contracts contain specific contract language that requires and authorizes the contractors to establish their own SFA plans and programs. The SFA plans and programs these contractors establish will, in accordance with the terms of the SFA contract clause, be aligned with NASA's SFA Program described herein.

WG Point(s) of Contact (POCs): A designate POC within a NASA Center and SFA Contractor organization who receives programmatic information from the SFA PM concerning NASA's SFA Program requirements, processes, and events. Additionally, Contractor POCs provide the SFA PM status updates concerning annual budget, cost reporting, and recognition metrics related to their respective programs as established by the SFA PM.

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