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NPR 3451.3
Effective Date: August 01, 2014
Expiration Date: August 01, 2025
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Subject: NASA Space Flight Awareness Program (Revalidated 12/1/20)

Responsible Office: Space Operations MD

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Chapter 2. SFA WG

2.1 Representation and Participation

2.1.1 The SFA WG shall have representation from NASA and SFA Contractors (as that term is defined in Appendix A). The professional background of NASA personnel serving as part of the SFA WG will represent expertise in administrative and technical fields, including communications, public affairs, and engineering. While it is anticipated that SFA Contractor representatives supporting the SFA WG would include similar expertise, it is within each SFA Contractor's discretion, in coordination with the cognizant CO or COR and in accordance with the terms of the contract, to assign the appropriate personnel who will provide such support.

2.1.2 The SFA's WG duties include planning, preparing, coordinating, and implementing the SFA Program's safety awareness, communication products, motivation, and recognition awards, activities and events consistent with this NPR, implementing polices and, where applicable, SFA contract clauses.

2.1.3 Each SFA WG representative will work closely with his/her organization to increase awareness about the SFA program. The representative will encourage the submission of SFA award nominations for employees.

2.1.4 The SFA WG representative will ensure evaluation of all nominees by the assigned evaluation panel.

2.2 SFA Annual Program Plan

The SFA WG will provide information to the SFA PM to further the development and implementation of the responsibilities identified in the SFA Annual Program Plan. The Plan will include information on events and activities planned for the upcoming fiscal year, as well as information on the previous year's outcomes in order to reflect program accomplishments.

2.3 SFA Program Workshops and Meetings

NASA personnel and SFA Contractor personnel identified as POCs from their respective organizations to the SFA WG attend SFA program workshops and other meetings to discuss plans and objectives for future SFA activities; to receive programmatic update information; to provide insight about the status of ongoing or planned activities; and to derive and discuss "lessons learned" concerning completed activities.

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