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NPR 3451.3
Effective Date: August 01, 2014
Expiration Date: August 01, 2025
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Subject: NASA Space Flight Awareness Program (Revalidated 12/1/20)

Responsible Office: Space Operations MD

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Chapter 1. SFA PM Responsibilities

1.1 The SFA PM provides overall program direction, policy, and guidance to NASA offices, organizations, and Field Centers participating in the SFA Program. The SFA PM is the Agency's point of contact (POC) for all SFA Program products, events and activities. The SFA PM does not direct SFA Contractors to perform any work. The SFA PM coordinates program direction, policy, and guidance with each of the SFA Contractors' cognizant Contracting Officers (CO) or Contracting Officer's Representatives (COR) to ensure compliance with this NPR in accordance with the terms of the subject contracts. The SFA PM is the Agency's POC for all such coordination with SFA Contractors' COs and CORs on matters related to SFA Program products, events, and activities. The SFA PM is appointed, in writing, by the Associate Administrator (AA) for HEOMD in conjunction with the Chief, OSMA.

1.2 SFA PM responsibilities include establishing the following for NASA and coordinating the following as appropriate:

a. SFA Recognition Program requirements, processes, and honoree event allocations.

b. SFA Awareness, education and outreach program requirements, processes, and work procedures. This includes recommending possible SFA recognition for safety awareness to the AA for HEOMD.

c. Guidelines to ensure the SFA WG is effectively coordinating and implementing the objectives and planning of the SFA Program.

d. A process for reviewing the effectiveness of the SFA WG. To the extent this review reflects on the performance of SFA Contractor(s), the SFA PM shall coordinate with the cognizant CO or COR to ensure that such performance review information does not conflict with the performance reporting otherwise provided for in the ordinary course of contract administration.

e. An Astronaut Office POC to work with the SFA WG to develop a request/priority process for Astronaut Office participation in SFA Awards, attendance at honoree events, and awareness, education, and outreach visits.

f. Overall SFA Program objectives and assessments of success. The SFA PM, in consultation with relevant stakeholders, including the managers of the Agency's human space flight programs, will develop objectives for NASA's SFA Program and the SFA programs established by SFA Contractors. The PM will annually brief senior NASA and SFA Contractor management with an assessment about the execution of those objectives.

g. Workshops to conduct planning and to communicate goals, and program status.

1.3 Prior to conducting an SFA event, the SFA PM, in coordination with the SFA WG and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO), shall determine what expenses are reasonably necessary to achieve the objectives of the event. SFA events must comply with fiscal laws and regulations as well as agency policies regarding awards.

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