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NPR 3792.1D
Effective Date: May 14, 2018
Expiration Date: May 14, 2024
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Subject: NASA’s Plan for a Drug Free Workplace (Updated w/Change 2)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer

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Chapter 2. Responsibilities

2.1 Administrator

In accordance with 51 U.S.C. § 31102, the NASA Administrator is responsible for establishing an Agency drug testing program.

2.2 Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO)

a. Set Agency policy direction and ensure the implementation of a DFWP complies with

E.O. 12564 and implementing regulations.

b. Designate the Agency Drug Program Manager (DPM).

c. In collaboration with the DPM and the NSSC Drug Testing Team, provides training to ensure that all employees and supervisors are informed about the Agency DFWP.

2.3 Agency DPM

a. Report to the AA, HCM on the status of the DFWP.

b. Oversee management of the Agency program.

c. Ensure efficient and effective use of resources and accomplish reliable and accurate testing.

d. Coordinates with the Agency recruitment systems program manager to ensure that future applications received are deemed "inactive" in the Agency staffing and recruitment system for a six-month period when there is a verified other than negative pre-employment test result or refusal to take a drug pre-employment test in accordance with this directive.

2.4 Director, Service Delivery Directorate, NSSC

a. Serves as the designated Agency representative in accordance with the Mandatory Guidelines.

b. Establishes/directs the Agency Drug Testing Team.

c. Ensures all personnel involved in the drug testing program comply with the confidentiality requirements contained in law and this directive.

d. Assist supervisors with the identification of positions within their organizations that are subject to random testing in accordance with Appendix C of this directive.

e. Ensure that vacancy announcements for TDPs include the appropriate statement regarding pre-employment and random testing.

f. Notify internal applicants not previously subject to random drug testing or outside applicants tentatively selected for a TDP that appointment to the position is contingent upon a negative drug test result.g. In accordance with the Mandatory Guidelines and this directive:

(1) Manage, administer, and implement the Agency's drug testing program, including the initiation of random drug testing notices and notification to employees on drug test results.

(2) Procure the services of a certified licensed physician to serve as the Agency's Medical Review Officer.

(3) Procure the services of a specimen collection service and an HHS certified laboratory service.

(4) Coordinates with servicing DPCs on program administration matters and ensure collection sites meet requirements.

(5) Monitors the Agency drug testing program for compliance and ensure reporting requirements are met (e.g., monitor collection activities related to drug tests, inspect at least five percent of collection sites annually, submit blind samples, complete the HHS Annual Survey Report.)

(6) Coordinates with and report to the DPM on DPC activities and findings that may affect the reliability or accuracy of laboratory results.

(7) Decide on administrative appeals from individual employees who disagree with TDP determinations made on their positions.

2.5 Medical Review Officer (MRO)

a. Serves as the Agency's principal contact with the laboratory in ensuring the effective operation of the testing portion of the program.

b. Completes required MRO training and certification and comply with the Mandatory Guidelines and the SAMHSA Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, MRO Manual for Federal Agency Workplace Drug Testing Programs.

c. Serves as the Agency subject-matter expert on current MRO policy requirements.

d. Reviews and evaluates laboratory test results of employees and tentatively selected applicants to TDPs.

e. Reviews all test results reported as positive, adulterated, substituted, invalid, or rejected for testing.

f. Reviews at least five percent of all negative test results in accordance with the Mandatory Guidelines to ensure proper procedures are followed.

g. Ensures that individuals whose test results are positive, adulterated, substituted, or invalid are afforded an opportunity to explain the test result in accordance with this directive.

h. Review test results for legitimate medical explanations.

i. Conduct (or refer for) a medical evaluation of an individual unable to provide a specimen in accordance with the Mandatory Guidelines.

j. Adjudicate requests from individuals for split specimen testing in accordance with the Mandatory Guidelines.

k. Report all test results to the NSSC Drug Testing Team.

2.6 Center Directors

Hold management officials accountable for full compliance with this directive and applicable laws and regulations that support a safe and drug-free workplace, including adhering to instructions on random drug testing notification.

2.7 Human Resources Directors (HRDs)

Designate the DPC.

2.8 Offices of Chief Counsel (OCC) and Office of General Counsel (OGC):

The OCC and OGC are responsible for reviewing reports of reasonable suspicion referred to them pursuant to the procedures described in paragraph 3.5.3 of this directive and determine whether a reasonable suspicion warranting drug testing exists.

2.9 Servicing Drug Program Coordinators (DPCs)

a. At the request of Agency officials and/or in coordination with the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) clinicians and/or other Center EAP points of contact, publicize and disseminate DFWP educational materials and coordinate training and education sessions regarding the Agency Drug Testing Program, drug use, and rehabilitation.

b. Coordinate administrative actions with management when a finding of illegal drug use occurs.

c. In coordination with the NSSC Drug Testing Team, ensure test notifications are delivered to supervisors.

d. Ensure the NSSC Drug Testing Team has access to Center drug testing sites.

e. Notify the NSSC Drug Testing Team when an employee is ready to begin follow-up testing.

f. Comply with privacy and confidentiality requirements.

2.10 Chief Health and Medical Officer (CHMO)

The CHMO is responsible for ensuring that the EAPs across the Agency support the requirements of the Agency's DFWP.

2.11 Center Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

2.11.1 EAP clinicians shall:

a. Support the overall goals of the Agency DFWP.

b. Provide an opportunity for counseling and treatment/rehabilitation referral services to any employee who is referred to the EAP by his/her supervisor or is a self-referral.

c. Provide education and training on the types and effects of drugs, the symptoms of drug use, the impact of drugs on performance and conduct, treatment, rehabilitation, and confidentiality issues.

d. Ensure the confidentiality of test results and related medical treatment and rehabilitation records.

e. Assist supervisors with employees who are having performance and/or personal problems that may be related to illegal drug use.

f. Maintain a list of rehabilitative and treatment organizations or otherwise provide employees with information and resources (e.g., Web sites, phone numbers) that provide counseling and rehabilitative programs and/or services, upon request.

g. Monitor the progress of any referred employee during and/or after the rehabilitation period and provide feedback to his/her supervisor.

h. Be familiar with applicable laws and guidelines (reference E.O. 12564, Mandatory Guidelines, and SAMHSA's Model Plan for a Drug Free Workplace) and drug treatment/rehabilitation insurance coverage that is available to employees through the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program.

2.12 Supervisors

a. With the assistance of HR, identify positions within their organization that are subject to random testing in accordance with Appendix C of this directive and NASA Guidelines for Determining TDPs Subject to Random Drug Testing.

b. Be familiar and comply with all requirements and provisions of this directive.

c. Participate in training on recognizing and addressing illegal drug use in the workplace.

d. Treat employees with dignity and protect their privacy in reaching NASA's goal of a drug-free workplace.

e. Upon determining illegal drug use by an employee, take the appropriate actions in accordance with this directive.

f. Follow the procedures in chapter 3 of this directive to:

(1) Notify their employees who have been selected for random drug testing, ensuring that each employee receives a drug test notice in private and in accordance with the timeframe and other instructions in the supervisor notice.

(2) Defer random drug tests for employees in appropriate situations in accordance with section 3.4 of this directive.

(3) Request reasonable suspicion testing in accordance with this directive.

(4) Determine if post-accident or unsafe practice testing is required and ensure such testing is performed.

(5) Grant an employee up to one hour (or more as necessitated by travel time) of excused absence for each counseling session during the assessment/referral phase of rehabilitation.

(6) When the testing is conducted off site, authorize the appropriate time during work hours for an employee to travel to the collection site for testing and reimbursement for use of privately owned vehicle or other mode of transportation, when Government transportation is not available.

g. In consultation with HR, take action to address employee performance and/or conduct problems that may be caused or impacted by drug use, to include referring employees to the Center's EAP when appropriate.

h. Ensure the protection of privacy information; this includes maintaining the ability to send and receive encrypted e-mail.

2.13 Employees

a. Refrain from the use of all illegal drugs.

b. Report as directed for drug testing in accordance with instructions and this directive.

c. Comply with any oral or written instructions as directed by the collector or Agency personnel as it pertains to the specimen collection process.

d. When requested by the MRO, provide medical documentation of any medical explanation for a positive test.

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