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NPR 8735.1D
Effective Date: July 29, 2018
Expiration Date: July 29, 2023
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Subject: Exchange of Problem Data Using NASA Advisories and the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP)

Responsible Office: Office of Safety and Mission Assurance

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Chapter 2. Roles and Responsibilities

2.1 The Chief, Safety and Mission Assurance

2.1.1 The Chief, SMA:

a. Establishes and oversees the implementation of Agency-wide requirements for the exchange of significant problem and nonconforming item data within NASA, its contractors, its partners, and with GIDEP.

b. Maintains the NARS and NANADARTS Agency-wide problem reporting and tracking systems.

2.2 Center Directors

Center Directors are responsible for establishing processes for the generation, distribution, disposition, and screening of NASA Advisories and GIDEP Notices at their Centers and any Component Facilities.

2.3 NASA Program, Project, and Operations/Institutional Managers

2.3.1 Program, Project, and Operations/Institutional Managers, or their designees, hereafter referred to as NASA Program Managers, are responsible for:

a. Implementing closed-loop reporting when a NASA Advisory or GIDEP Notice may impact critical work as defined in NPD 8730.5.

b. Evaluating the applicability of NASA Advisories and GIDEP Notices to critical work within their program to include a check of historical GIDEP Notices and NASA Advisories.

c. Reporting the results of the evaluation and disposition to NANADARTS.

Note: https://nanadarts.nasa.gov/ contains detailed instructions in the HELP screens.

d. Ensuring contractors generate applicable GIDEP Notices in accordance with the requirements of GIDEP Operations Manual and GIDEP Requirements Guide whenever failed or nonconforming items, available to other buyers, are discovered during the course of the contract.

e. Ensuring that contractors and subcontractors are responding to GIDEP Notices and NASA Advisories by performing closed-loop reporting.

f. Ensuring that when programs or projects are transferred between NASA entities, the relevant managers ensure that relevant GIDEP info is transferred as well.

g. In coordination with the Center Coordinator, generate NASA Advisories or GIDEP Notices whenever significant parts, materials, and safety problems or concerns among NASA activities are identified.

2.4 Agency NASA Advisory and GIDEP Coordinator

2.4.1 The Chief, SMA designates the Agency NASA Advisory and GIDEP Coordinator, hereafter referred to as the Agency Coordinator. The Agency Coordinator is responsible for:

a. Serving as the Agency GIDEP Representative and representing NASA to the GIDEP Government Advisory Group.

b. Advising the Center Coordinators regarding the issuance of NASA Advisories and GIDEP Notices.

c. Ensuring Agency-wide training and guidance is available for the proper generation, distribution, and closed-loop reporting of NASA Advisories and GIDEP Notices.

Note: GIDEP Training is available online in the NASA Online Training System SATERN at https://satern.nasa.gov/, as well as through classroom training offered by GIDEP.

d. Informing the Chief, SMA of the status and activity of the NASA Advisory and GIDEP program via the OSMA Quarterly Status Review.

e. Annually informing GIDEP of the NASA Participant Utilization Reporting System Data.

f. Organizing the NASA GIDEP Representative working group.

g. Monitoring compliance with the requirements and procedures of this NPR.

2.5 Center NASA Advisory and GIDEP Coordinators

2.5.1 The Center NASA Advisory and GIDEP Coordinators, hereafter referred to as the Center Coordinators, are responsible for:

a. Ensuring that NASA Advisories and NASA-generated GIDEP Notices are developed and distributed in accordance with the requirements of this NPR and include any information related to the appropriate distribution and approval of the alert.

b. Distributing external GIDEP Notices that are of relevance to the Agency via NANADARTS.

c. Serving as the Center’s GIDEP Representative.

d. Ensuring that NASA Advisories have the appropriate approvals (e.g. Subject Matter Expert, Legal/General Counsel, Export Control).

e. Determining if NASA Advisories should be converted and released to GIDEP.

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