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NPR 4200.1H
Effective Date: March 08, 2017
Expiration Date: June 08, 2023
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Subject: NASA Equipment Management Procedural Requirements

Responsible Office: Logistics Management Division

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Appendix D. The Sensitive Item Review Board (SIRB)

D.1. Definitions.

Sensitive Item. Equipment that is subject to exceptional physical security, protection, or control; requires accountability due to national security, export control regulations; is pilferable or potentially dangerous to the public. Examples of sensitive items include weapons, information technology equipment with memory capability, as well as hazardous and radioactive equipment. Sensitive items are listed in Appendix C, NASA Minimum Standard Sensitive Items List, of this NPR.

Sensitive Item Review Board. Institutional group of NASA personnel designated to review and monitor policy compliance for the identification and management of sensitive items IAW Section 3, NPR 4200.1, Equipment Management Procedural Requirements.

D.2. Purpose of the SIRB

The purpose of the SIRB is to assure, both in advance and by periodic review, that appropriate steps are taken for the addition, or deletion, of sensitive categories and type items to the sensitive items listing. The board has the latitude to revise existing procedures for the management of sensitive items.

D.3 Responsibilities

The SIRB is responsible for approving major updates to personal property identified as sensitive items, such as:

  1. Prioritization of major cataloging issues.
  2. Time schedule for implementation.
  3. Review risk management strategies, ensuring that any potential threats to the management of sensitive items have been identified, estimated, and approved and that the threats are regularly reassessed

D.4. SIRB Membership

a. The SIRB will consist of the following members:

NASA Function Role Center
Agency Equipment Manager Chair HQ/LMD
Agency Cataloger Non-Voting Member HQ/LMD
AAO Logistics Liaison Non-Voting Member AAO
SEMO Voting Member ARC
SEMO Voting Member GRC
SEMO Voting Member AFRC
SEMO Voting Member JPL/NMO
SEMO Voting Member JSC
SEMO Voting Member WSTF
SEMO Voting Member MSFC
SEMO Voting Member MAF
SEMO Voting Member GSFC
SEMO Voting Member HQ
SEMO Voting Member LaRC
SEMO Voting Member SSC
SEMO Voting Member KSC

Figure D-1 Sensitive Item Review Board Membership

b. Role of a Board Member

The SIRB's objective is to leverage the experiences, expertise, and insight of Agency stakeholders in identifying sensitive items and establishing appropriate management processes. SIRB members are not directly responsible for managing sensitive items, but provide support and guidance for those who do. Thus, SIRB members need to:

1. Understand the strategic implications and outcomes of the SIRB outputs.

2. Appreciate the significance of the SIRB for some or all major stakeholders.

3. Be an advocate for SIRB initiatives.

4. Ensure that SIRB outputs meet the requirements of the equipment management program key stakeholders.

5. Balance conflicting priorities and resources.

6. Check adherence of SIRB activities to standards of best practice both within the Agency and in a wider context.

7. Foster positive communication outside of the board regarding SIRB project's progress and outcomes.

8. Report on SIRB project progress to those responsible at a higher level of management, such as senior/chief logisticians and other heads of NASA organizations.

D.5. SIRB Meetings

a. Meeting Schedule and Process. The SIRB will formally meet once per year or as required by the Chair to discuss and vote on new or past motions related to sensitive items.

b. Meeting Agenda. At each meeting, status of decisions made will be reported to the team by the Chair using an agenda outline such as the following:

1. Introductory items such as:

a) Introductions.

b) Review agenda.

c) Review decisions from last meeting.

d) Review of actions arising from previous SIRB meetings.

2. Review any SIRB Project Status

a) Overall Status.

b) Reason for any deviation/challenges.

c) New issues arising since the last SIRB meeting.

d) Review and approval of new motions.

e) Milestone review.

f) Accomplishments against last meeting's plans.

g) Plans for the next reporting period.

h) Outstanding issues, open discussion points, and project conflicts.

i) Specific requests from NASA Center representatives.

3. Consideration of other personal property items relevant to a motion.

4. Review and summarize new actions from the current meeting.

5. Plans, date, and location for next meeting.

D.6. Procedure

a. The Center SEMO submits a request to NASA Headquarters to add or delete items to Appendix C, Agency's Minimum Standard Sensitive Item List, with detailed justification to support the request(s).

(1) Requesting SEMOs have a vote when addressing the request.

(2) Requesting SEMOs should present for the SIRB to proceed.

(3) Proceed with at least six voting SEMOs.

b. Meeting Protocols.

The SIRB's decisions and activities will be captured in a highlights document, briefly summarizing the discussion and outlining key outcomes during the meeting. The meeting highlights will be distributed to the Director LMD, SIRB members, and Center Equipment Managers within one month following the meeting. Members will review the decisions of previous meeting at the beginning of the following meeting.

c. Decision Making

Voting members and members providing technical expertise (non-voting members) of the SIRB will work to find common ground on issues and strive to seek consensus on all key issues. Every effort will be made to reach consensus, and opposing views will be explained. In situations where there are strongly divergent views, members may choose to present multiple recommendations on the same topic. If the SIRB is unable to reach consensus on key issues, decisions will be made by majority vote using the gradients of agreement. Minority views will be included in the meeting highlights.

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