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NPR 4200.1H
Effective Date: March 08, 2017
Expiration Date: June 08, 2024
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Subject: NASA Equipment Management Procedural Requirements

Responsible Office: Office of Strategic Infrastructure

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Chapter 2. Equipment Acquisition

2.1 Purpose

2.1.1 This chapter provides requirements for establishing accountability of NASA equipment at the time of acquisition. NASA equipment will be acquired and used only to support official programs or institutional operations. It applies to equipment, as defined in NPD 4200.1 and Appendix A and Chapter 3 of this NPR, that is acquired by NASA organizations and supporting contractors.

2.1.2 NASA organizations are to acquire only the equipment necessary for the performance of Agency requirements.

2.1.3 Prior to purchasing or fabricating new equipment, Division Directors or heads of acquiring activities shall evaluate alternative means to fulfill their equipment needs, such as reutilizing equipment from other NASA organizations or from the excess process, leasing (when cost effective), or loaning equipment from a NASA organization as prescribed in Section 3.4.2 of this NPR.

2.2 Documentation

2.2.1 Copies of purchase orders, vouchers, or documentation supporting the estimated acquisition costs are supporting documents that are used to record the acquisition of equipment in the NASA PP&E System.

2.2.2 For equipment items determined to be capitalized IAW NPR 9250.1, the SEMO or designee shall upload supporting/acquisition documents as part of the Equipment Master Record (EMR) in the NASA PP&E System.

2.3 Methods of Acquisition

2.3.1 The methods of equipment acquisition and processing IAW Chapter 3 of this NPR, include:

a. Purchase. To buy equipment in exchange for money, including purchase card and purchase order transactions.

b. Fabricated or assembled. Personal property that is constructed or assembled for, or constructed by NASA. See Section 3.2 of this NPR.

(1) Fabricated or assembled equipment meeting NASA criteria for control will be identified with the appropriate Federal Supply Classification (FSC) code for cataloging and identification purposes in the NASA PP&E System.

(2) The End User or individual responsible for fabrication of the equipment shall generate an NF 1617 form, Request for Cannibalization/Modification of Controlled Equipment, providing a detailed description of fabricated or assembled equipment and submit the NF 1617 to the SEMO or designee for creating the EMR and establishing equipment accountability.

c. NASA equipment acquired from the excess process, including equipment from other Federal Agencies—screening and selection of available excess NASA equipment by stakeholders for reutilization.

(1) The PDO shall ensure that equipment reutilized or issued to NASA organizations from the disposal program is properly documented on NF 894, NASA Property Transfer Form, to the recipient and appropriate notification is made to the Center Equipment Manager or the SEMO.

(2) Upon receipt of a completed NF 894, the Center Equipment Manager shall assign ECN(s) to equipment item(s) or reactivate the EMR as appropriate, prior to the issue or delivery of the equipment to the End User.

(3) The PDO shall not issue NASA equipment to the requesting NASA official without prior assignment of ECN(s) and established equipment control in the NASA PP&E System.

d. Found on Station (FOS). Any equipment meeting NASA criteria for control for which audit trail for record accountability cannot be established. See Section 3.3.6 of this NPR.

e. Donation to NASA. Equipment that is unconditionally donated to NASA and meet NASA criteria for control. See Section 3.3.12 of this NPR.

f. Gift (Foreign and Domestic). Tangible personal property or decoration received from an organization or individual outside NASA. See Section of this NPR.

(1) Foreign Gift. Tangible gift or decoration received from a Foreign Government or entity. FMR 102-42 governs gifts of more than minimum value (currently at $390). Gifts above minimum value are considered gifts to the Agency, not the employee.

(2) Domestic Gift. Tangible gift or decoration received from a U.S. organization outside NASA and meeting the criteria for control.

(3) The SEMO, or designee, shall record gifts meeting NASA criteria for control in the NASA PP&E System and identify the gist with the "Gift to NASA" flag in the EMR.

g. Recovered Equipment. Equipment that was reported as missing or lost, was subject to the survey report process, and later recovered.

h. Transition to control status in NASA PP&E System, including items that meet NASA criteria for control that transition from related personal property to personal property.

i. Loaned or Leased to NASA. Equipment that is loaned or leased by an external entity to NASA and is in the possession and custody of NASA for more than 60 calendar days, except motor vehicles. See Section of this NPR.

j. Lease to Purchase. Equipment leased to NASA with the option to be purchased by NASA at the end of the lease term.

k. Transfers-in. Transfer of equipment items from another NASA organization or from an organization outside NASA, including Controlled Equipment included in GFP returned/transferred to NASA by a contractor. The End User or corresponding PC of the NASA organization gaining the equipment shall contact the supporting SEMO for coordination, logistical support, and oversight for the execution of the transfer.

l. Vendor Exchanges/Trade-ins. Equipment items that are returned by the vendor to NASA in exchange for a like item. The item returned to NASA is a different item if the model or serial number is different from the item being replaced. See also Section of this NPR.

2.3.2 The various methods of acquiring equipment and the receipt process flow path are provided in Figure 2-1.

Figure 2.2 shows the various methods of acquiring equipment and the receipt process flow path.
Figure 2-1 Equipment Acquisition and Receipt Process Flow Path

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